7 Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year with Kids ...


7 Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year with Kids ...
7 Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year with Kids ...

If you can't get a sitter for New Years Eve, I've got a list of ways to ring in the new year with kids. Though the evening may not be what you'd planned, it can still be amazing. With these activities you could easily start a new holiday tradition that the entire family will enjoy. Here are 7 fun ways to ring in the New Year with kids.

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Host a New Year's Eve Bash

One of the funnest ways to ring in the New Year with kids is to host a New Year's Eve Bash. There are several different types of parties that you could have. You could choose to have a party for your children and their friends, which you could turn into a sleepover. You could also have a party and invite all of your friends who have kids to join in your celebration. Even though you won't be going out, you'll still be able to spend the evening with friends.


Make a Time Capsule

Making a time capsule is both easy and inexpensive. First, get a container that can be decorated such an empty coffee can, a mason jar or a box. Then let everyone gather items that they would like to put in the time capsule. You may choose to add photos that have been taken throughout the year, artwork the kids have made, or any other keepsakes you'd like to add. Once the time capsule is complete, store it away and don't reopen it until next year.


Prepare Food

Don't feel like you have to make an elaborate New Year's Eve meal. Instead, make finger foods for everyone to enjoy, like pigs in a blanket or cheese sticks. If you decide to have guests, have them bring a dish to your celebration. If you don't want to cook, consider ordering Chinese takeout or pizza. A cake or cupcakes will also make a great addition to your party.


Make Decorations

There are tons of different decorations that you can make with kids to celebrate the New Year. You can make noise makers using water bottles, empty plastic canisters, or toilet paper rolls. The kids can show off their personality by creating their own party hat. If you don't mind the mess, you could also make homemade confetti, using card stock or construction paper. You could make some countdown goodie bags that the kids could open when it gets midnight.


Change Your Time Zone

Many small children will have a difficult time staying up until midnight. Trying to keep them up late can also mess up their bedtime routine. For younger kids, you could celebrate the New Year by watching celebrations that take place earlier in the day. If you live on the east coast in the US, you could celebrate with England five hours early. This will allow enough time for the kids to celebrate and still get them in bed on time.


Dress up

Do you have a gorgeous dress that you planned to wear on New Years Eve? If so, wear it to your family's party. If you're little girl is anything like mine, she’ll love getting dressed up in a pretty dress or dress up clothes. Don't be afraid to get all dolled up by painting your nails, styling your hair, and putting on makeup. Dressing up will make you feel glamorous and ready to ring in the New Year.


Reminisce about the Year

Set aside some time to gather everyone around the kitchen table to reminisce about the year. Everyone could share things that they enjoyed about the current year like a trip that they took, a favorite movie they watched, or songs they loved. Be sure to write everyone’s responses down on a sheet of paper and add it to your time capsule. If you have young children, you could spend this time reading them a book or telling them a story.

I hope some of these ideas work well for your family. How does your family ring in the New Year? I look forward to hearing your stories.

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