7 Fabulous Snowy Day Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained ...


Whether your kids want to go out or stay in, having a cache of snowy day activities keeps them entertained while also preserving your sanity. Sure, a snow day sounds really great, but it can get old real fast if the kids get bored. Over my many years as a mom, I’ve found a fun variety of snowy day activities that always make the kids cheer – here they are for your benefit!

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Create a Movie Theater

When you need an hour or two of quiet respite, a movie theater right in your own home is the answer. This is one of my kids’ favorite snowy day activities. Clear the furniture in your living room and let your kids set up beanbag chairs or a pile of blankets and pillows. Ply them with popcorn, candy and water and shut off the lights to make the experience more authentic. Then catch a catnap on the couch while they watch.


Make Color Bombs

What kid doesn’t like to blow things up? Mine sure do! To do this activity, place a couple tablespoons of vinegar in each of a few zip top bags and color each with food coloring. Inside a paper towel square, place a spoonful of baking soda. Wrap the paper towel around the baking soda. Grab the items and head outside into the snow. Find a clear space then very quickly put the paper towels into the bags, seal them and toss them into the snow. As the baking soda and vinegar mix, the bag will fill with air, then pop, spewing food coloring over the snow. Fun, fun, fun!


Stuffed Animal Bath

When it’s cold outside, what could be better than a warm bath? Chances are you can’t take one, but you can sure put your kids in one. Fill the tub with warm water and have your kids choose a couple stuffed animals. Let them get in and scrub the animals with bath soap and a washcloth. When they’re done, squeeze them out and stick them in the dryer. You just entertained the kids for at least an hour and you have some clean, fluffy friends to show for it.


Cook Something

Kids love getting involved in the kitchen, so if they claim boredom, pull out some ingredients and make something. Try cookies, brownies or even just sandwiches. Your kids will enjoy making a yummy treat and you won’t have to hear cries of anguish for at least 30 minutes.


Build a Fort

You can’t go wrong with a fort. Simply drape furniture with blankets and crawl inside for some fun. Reading books, having a tea party or playing with action figures is infinitely more fun inside a fort. Bring flashlights so you can see and use them to make shadow puppets. Chances are, your kids can spend the entire day inside a fort without getting bored.


Build a Snow Obstacle Course

If you can’t convince your kids to stay inside where it’s warm, build them an obstacle course outside. Use a shovel and create a maze to run through, hurdles to jump over and a snow angel space. Get your kids in on the action too. Sure, you’ll be wet and cold but keep at it for long enough and you can count this as your cardio for the day. And the kids will be so happy!


Play Hide and Seek

Your kids will love a snowy day of hide and seek. Take turns hiding and seeking and challenge each other to find the best hiding place. Crown the person that’s the hardest to find the hiding master. It works in my house and it’s sure to work in yours too.

How do you keep the kids entertained on a snowy day? Does it preserve your own sanity too?

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