Fun Ways to Work out with Your Kids for Moms Unable to Hit the Gym ...


If you were to tell most kids that they could get a great workout by pounding the pavement and running a few miles, they would look at you like you are crazy. Then they would tell you they are not interested. Why? Well, for one, kids are not concerned about bettering their health or getting in better shape. Nor should they be. Kids just want to be kids and have fun. In fact, most kids find traditional exercise boring and I guess I cannot blame them. So why not break the boredom and show your kids just how to get their sweat on and have fun with these great workouts?!

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Quick Workout with Kids

Growing up in a fit household, my kids always wanted to work out, but I get that it is not the norm. However, kids want to be like their parents so set a great example and bond by working out together. Check out this video to help you get started!


Kids as Resistance

Did you know making your kids part of your workout can be as simple as having them go on your back as you do pushups or perform lunges? This will add some resistance to an exercise while also making it even more fun!


Park Exercises

As you take your kids to the park and they climb the jungle gym, swing away and go down the slide, you look at all the fitness options. Check out the video as I show you how you can use a simple park bench as part of your workout. The possibilities are endless with a little childlike imagination.


Plyos as Child’s Play

Plyometric exercises are great to work your core and push your body more than traditional exercise. Add a kid into the mix and they think this is pure bouncing fun! Perform some starbursts, jump squats and even jump lunges!


Bootcamp with Kids

Bootcamp is not just for the military but for the everyday person looking to get in their best shape. Challenge a child to perform Bootcamp and it becomes a friendly competition of the battling of ages. Try this with your children while explaining the importance of exercise to get stronger and live longer!



I am not going to lie, I truly love pushups because they help tone, tighten and strengthen your upper body and core. But I find it humorous when I see my kids performing pushups and actually enjoying this. If your kids are younger, tote them on your back and use them as a little resistance!


Teach Them Something New

Kids love learning new things and experiencing things for the first time. Show your child how to perform a burpee and they can bring this exercise to their friends. Life lessons start in childhood so make a change in your child’s life as you get in better shape!

With these endless possibilities in how you can get fit with your child, learn to think outside the box as you get your fit on. Are you ready to get fit and have fun with your little ones?

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Wendy you are exceptional!

I already get fit with my baby boy he loves to join his mommy his smile motivates me to get in the best shape I can possibly get my little man he is six months old here's what I do lift him up and down he loves that while I work my arms hold him close and do squats put in on the ground well on a mat while I do pushups we go to the park too I put him on his carrier (a baby backpack) I call it because your holding your baby in front or back of you me personally carry him in the front so we can bond I love my baby we workout together their is no exuse for mommy's not to get a workout in I am a full-time mommy, full-time student and wife. If I can, you can too. Now go get fit with your little one. Have a good day :-)

I work full-time too forgot to mention :-)

Thanks for the inspiration @Wendy

@wendy you are great great way to stay in shape with baby

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