7 Ways to Celebrate a Teen's Birthday ...


7 Ways to Celebrate a Teen's Birthday ...
7 Ways to Celebrate a Teen's Birthday ...

When your princess was little, it was easy to plan her birthday party. All you needed was a cake, ice cream, some dress-up clothes, and a few of her little friends to play with and bring the smiles. Now that she’s a teenager, it’s not so simple. She’s still, of course, a princess, but she wants a little more for her birthday parties, especially her sweet 16, so you’re scrambling for ideas. No worries! Having once been a teen girl, I know what will make them feel pampered and adored without making them feel babied or bored. Here are 7 ways to celebrate a teen’s birthday.

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Spa Day

What teen girl wouldn’t love a day at the spa, even if it’s just for manis and pedis? Even the tomboys in the crowd will love the pampering and the pretty nails and toes and super-soft skin at the end. Plus, it’s a perfect time for all the girls to giggle and gossip and flip through all the magazines they wouldn’t normally read.


Movie Night

Why not opt for a movie night, either at a local theater or at home? If you’re doing it at home, make it a total junk food heaven, with plenty of soda, popcorn, and jujubes… or whatever other candy the girls want. If you’re going to the cinema, make sure you buy your block of tickets in advance, so no-one gets left out and has to see “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2” while everyone else is enjoying “No Strings Attached.”


Adventure Trip

For the more adventurous type of teen, book a party with an adventure theme, like at a local rock climbing wall, whirly-ball court, go-kart track, paintball or laser tag arena, or outdoor hiking trail. There’s a hidden bonus here — the girls will all be too tired and worn out to cause any teenaged shenanigans, and they’ll also be burning calories to make up for all the cake and ice cream.


Scrapbooking Party

Some teens are really into what’s sometimes more of an adult hobby: scrapbooking. Give them all digital cameras for the day, then let them each create a special page for your daughter’s scrapbook. This can be a lot of fun, especially at the end, when you get to see all of the really incredible pages!


Cake War

Why not let each girl, or team of girls, design, bake, and decorate their own birthday cake, just like on those celebrity chef shows? Pick a panel of judges, and let them prepare for a week or so to develop their ideas. Give them four hours or so to prepare and decorate their cakes, then have the reveal, judging, and awards at the end! So much fun!


Dance Party

Teen girls love to get dressed up, all fancy and gorgeous, and they also like to dance. Rent a hall and put on a formal or semi-formal dance for the girls (maybe let them invite boys, too). Take it one step further and hire a professional photographer for a few hours to document and take special portraits.



While this may sound like more of a tween thing, there are a lot of teens that still love the idea of roller staking or skateboarding. For the older girls, it’s more of a retro-thing, and it’s also great exercise. Come on, mom! Let’s see you lace up your ice skates (or roller skates) and get out there!

Those are just a few of the super-fun things you can plan for your teen daughter’s birthday party, and I’m sure there are so many other fantastic ideas! Which of these ideas do you think your teenager would like best, or do you have another scheme to share?

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Uh, not a good idea. She needs to be treated as a princess on this special day and u hv no idea of such celebs

Hi Denise. I was going through your ideas and I wasnt bothered by the fact that you referring to parties for only girls, until you mentioned inviting boys to the dance ideas. Its not fair to assume that girls should only invite other girls to their parties. I was looking for ideas for my birthday party and this made me feel bad about myself that I am a boy and most of my friends are girls who I would invite to celebrate my birthday for me. I know you didnt intend for this, and it shouldnt hurt my feelings, but I just thought you should keep that in mind.

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