7 Free Days out with the Kids ...


7 Free Days out with the Kids ...
7 Free Days out with the Kids ...

These days, it’s often implied that kids are only happy if they’re indoors with their Playstations or computers. Yet most kids love getting out and about as well. Family outings can be costly when you add in travel, entrance fees and food, but there are still plenty of ways of having a free day out with the kids. Try some of the following if you’re stuck for ideas …

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What youngster doesn’t like going to the park and heading for the playground? Or running around, kicking a ball? In summer there are often free activities organised, so check out what’s on offer – it could be anything from sports to drama. You could also pack a picnic.



Here’s a great opportunity for kids to use their imaginations. Woods can be enchanted places to a child, and they can play all sorts of games. Plus they can learn about nature – there are often nature trails in woods and quiz sheets handed out to kids.


Local Events

For a great free day, see what’s happening in your own town. Big or small, there are all kinds of events (look in the local paper or library to find out what’s on the agenda). There are usually lots of events organised in summer, so your kids will have no excuse for complaining that they’re bored!



Although it seems that you have to pay for everything these days, there are still lots of museums that don’t charge an entry fee. Have you checked out your local history museum recently? If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere large, look for a list of museums and see what’s free of charge.


Country Parks

Country parks are a great place to spend a free day out with kids. There’s lots of space to explore, and the kids can use up all their energy running around. Pack a picnic basket, and your only other expense will be getting to the park.



If you live near a beach (or within a reasonable travelling distance), then what child would be disappointed by a day at the beach? However, the US being as vast as it is, the beach can be a long way off, so if that’s the case then visit a lake instead. And don’t forget that picnic!


Free Days

Even venues that charge an entry fee sometimes offer free entry on certain days. It might be once a month, later in the day or on special occasions, but be smart and find out when they are. You could save yourself a bundle of cash if you plan a visit when it’s free.

So you see, there are plenty of ways of taking your kids for a free day out – and I’m sure that you can think of a whole lot more. Let’s add to the list, and share ideas. And what was your favourite free outing when you were young?

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My son loves going for hikes in the woods he likes pretending like he is looking for big foots

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