13 Reasons Why Dads Are Real Superheroes ...


13 Reasons Why  Dads  Are Real Superheroes ...
13 Reasons Why  Dads  Are Real Superheroes ...

Father’s Day may have got you thinking about the reasons why dads are superheroes. We shouldn’t really need a special day to be grateful to our dads though. In the words of Frenchie in Grease – “the only man a girl can depend on is her daddy”. If you don’t know the reasons why dads are superheroes, read on.

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Dads Are Great Guides

person, photo caption, head, forehead, phenomenon, One of the biggest reasons why dads are superheroes is that they are always there to guide you when you're in trouble. They tell you how to sail through tough times without hurting your self-respect and confidence. They are always around, like an invisible man, to protect you, and they really don't need to be soaked in gamma rays or bitten by a radioactive spider to have all those superpowers that help you to identify your real mission in life.


Dads Can Tell Stories

, What dads can do may sometimes look simple, but in reality, it's something even superheroes dare not try. Dads don't mind reading you books, and it may not look a great task, but it definitely takes a real man to don't get tired of the same puppy board book because they know that's what makes their little ones happy. Forget about superheroes doing anything like that – they don't have that much of patience, and of course, they've got a world to save, so no spare time for them. No matter how busy dads are in the morning, they get back home and pull their kids in close for lullabies and stories – daddy style!


Dads Fit in All Roles

performance, stage, entertainment, performing arts, musical theatre, Dads don't need to wear the "Mask" to behave like someone they are not – they can be comedians when you feel sad and they can be a perfect source of motivation when you're down. They can be a great speaker or a great listener, depending upon the situation. It takes tons of patience to deal with a little chatterbox girl, and no ordinary superhero can handle that. Only a superhero dad can host his own version of 'Dancing with the Stars' in the living room or lay in a homemade mudpile, driving heavy trucks around – and with proper sound effects! A dad can be the Best Toy Evah, and no superhero can beat that.


Dads Can Transfer Their Powers to You

facial hair, photo caption, beard, One of the biggest reasons dads are real superheroes is that they can pass on their powers and even give you wings. Superman can fly, has superhuman strength, has super-hearing, enjoys eidetic hearing, and comes with super vision, consisting of heat vision, X-ray vision, infrared vision, and microscopic vision. Can he give his powers to someone else? Dads can and they do it all the time. They tell you how to fly without wings, how to develop an understanding of things to see beyond the obvious, and how to develop power and perseverance to overcome all obstacles in your life. Whenever dads lift their kids in their arms, it feels like flying. Only dads can make you feel that way!


Superman's cape might as well be woven from the fabric of dadhood because just like him, fathers seem to have a knack for perpetual resourcefulness. They might not leap over buildings, but they sure can lift spirits. With their toolbox ready, they fix toys and broken hearts with the same dedication. They teach resilience when we scrap our knees and instill courage as if it’s a secret ingredient in their life lessons cheesecake. It's no surprise we often find our greatest strengths rooted in their wisdom – dads indeed have a way of endowing us with superpowers.


Dads for Shopping

hair, white, photograph, black, black and white, Do you know a superhero with loads of cash to spend? One of many reasons dads are real superheroes is that you can always squeeze a few Benjamins out of them. Perhaps that's another reason why a dad is a daughter's first love.


Dads Are Made of Steel, Literally

public relations, product, While the powers of Superman are at a herculean level and he can fly, lift oilrigs, and battle other kryptonians, dads show their powers in different ways. Your dad is there when no Superman is going to come to your rescue. Think of all those mean girls or boys that tease you in school or college. Can Superman save you from them? Dads can!


Dads Can Deal with the Gross Side of Fatherhood

shoulder, window, Okay, so you think superheroes can perform some daring stunts, but can they, in their sane mind, think of handling dirty diapers? Of course they cannot, especially considering they are so dumb and don't even know they should be wearing their underwear 'under' their pants. Only dads have the superpower that lets them get down and dirty – they can make their little one smile and even laugh while they pretend to gag. Only a real dad can handle such situations where a superhero would be reaching for a gas mask!


Dads Are Sacrificial

photo caption, The mark of any true superhero is the willingness to make sacrifices for the good of others. Dads will sacrifice time, energy, and money to make sure you have the best life possible! Always putting their children' needs over their own proves that dads are real superheroes!


Dads are often the unsung heroes of the family, but they are no less important than moms. They provide love and support, often sacrificing their own needs for the benefit of their children. They work hard to provide for their families, often putting in extra hours or taking on extra jobs to make sure their children have the best life possible.

Dads also often take on the role of disciplinarian in the family, teaching their children right from wrong and instilling values that will serve them well in life. They also provide guidance and advice, helping their children make decisions and navigate the world.

Dads also provide emotional support, helping their children through difficult times and celebrating their successes. They are often the first to give a hug when their child is sad and the first to cheer when their child succeeds.

Dads are also great role models, teaching their children how to be kind, compassionate, and responsible. They show their children how to be strong and independent, and how to make the right choices.

In short, dads are real superheroes, sacrificing their own needs for the benefit of their children and providing invaluable love, support, and guidance. They are the unsung heroes of the family, and they deserve to be celebrated!


Dads Have Superpowers

ceremony, event, tradition, interaction, human, While they may not be able to fly, turn invisible, or read minds, dads do have superpowers! Their ability to lift your spirits when you're distraught can help you so much! With silly dad jokes and a happy-go-lucky grin, dads can make your troubles vanish!


Dads are the unsung heroes of the family, often taking a backseat to moms when it comes to parenting. But what many don’t realize is that dads have superpowers too! They have the power to lift us up when we’re feeling down, to make us feel safe and secure, and to make us laugh even in the darkest of times.

Dads are often the ones who take on the role of protector and provider. They work hard to make sure their families have what they need and are taken care of. They sacrifice their own needs to ensure their families have the best possible life.

Dads also have the superpower of being able to make any situation better with their humor. They can turn a dull evening into a fun adventure with their silly jokes and one-liners. They can make us smile even when we don’t feel like it.

Dads also have the superpower of being able to listen without judgment. They are always willing to lend an ear and offer advice when needed. They are also great problem-solvers and can come up with creative solutions to any problem.


Dad is the Person You Can Count on

nature, tree, nature reserve, plant, grass, Just as you can count on Superman to rescue the town when things go south, you can rely on your dad to save the day! When you feel like all hope is lost, your dad will swing in with a plan to solve all of your problems, and the love to help you through it.


Every kid knows that their protector, their guiding light, often comes in the form of their dad. He's like a secret superhero, minus the cape. Dads seem to have an arsenal of dad-jokes to vanquish the blues and the uncanny ability to fix just about anything, from a broken toy to a broken heart. Their superpower lies in making the impossible seem possible, turning tears into laughter, and fear into courage. With just a hug or a word of wisdom, dads often make the world feel right once more.


Dads Don't Quit

recreation, Real dads are committed to their families and the children they helped bring into this world. They understand responsibility just as well as superheroes know they have a responsibility to defend their hometown. Whoever the father figure in your life is, you can rest assured that he won't give up on you until his mission is complete—aka you are living a satisfied and complete life!


Dads Get on Your Level

communication, public relations, conversation, photo caption, friendship, A dad is never too busy, too tired, or too old to do what makes his daughter happy! Whether it's playing dress up when you're 5, driving you to the mall when you're 15, or walking you down the aisle when you're 25—even if he'd rather be watching a football game—your dad will always be there!


Dads Protect You

car, vehicle, Until you are old and wise enough to protect yourself, dads protect you. When you were younger, you had him wrapped around your little finger, so he wouldn't let you out of his sight! He had the instincts to protect you. While now you are capable of protecting yourself, he is an on-call superhero who will come to your rescue per your request!

Now do you believe that dads are superheroes? Make this Father’s Day special in whatever way – even if you just call to tell your dad he’s your superhero! Why’s your dad your hero?
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