7 Super Encouraging Mentalities to Have While Pregnant ...

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women, however there are some unexpected challenges when carrying another life and it's best to know the mentalities to have while pregnant to keep you positive and happy! Pregnancy comes with mixed feelings of joy, anxiety, fear and anticipation of your little one - not to mention the crazy hormonal changes that are surging throughout your body. It can be hard to stay positive when you're feeling emotional so knowing some encouraging mentalities to have while pregnant will be helpful! If you're currently expecting or plan to have children in the near future, then keep reading!

1. You're Growing a New Life

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One of the best mentalities to have while pregnant is the knowledge and amazement that you're growing a new life! The female body is so amazing - we are able to bring new life into this world which is a miraculous event. When you feel gloomy, which is totally normal when your hormones are acting crazy, remind yourself that you are hosting a new life that's totally dependent on your body for nourishment and growth! Picturing your little peanut moving around in utero is bound to put a smile on your face.

2. Picturing Your Baby in Your Arms

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Another happy-inducing thought is to picture your sweet baby in your arms. What will she look like? What features will she carry that resemble mom and dad? What unique personality will she have? These are fun and beautiful thoughts to have about your growing child. You will also be less prone to negative thoughts when you can picture the end result - a beautiful new baby!

3. Let Go of Fear

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All moms and future moms experience fear from the moment you find out you're pregnant until further notice. There is a strong sense of protection and fear of not being able to protect your child. Many women, if not all, fear losing their baby which of course is a real possibility and devastating occurrence for those who have to experience it. It's a pain that no one wishes on anyone. However, there is literally nothing we can do to change a bad outcome so fear and anxiety really is just a force of unnecessary negativity. Let go of fear and believe the best about your body and the life that's developing within it!

4. Let Go of All Control

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Pregnancy is a time to let go of control. It's funny, you can plan and simply assume that your body will adjust well to pregnancy changes and sometimes that does happen. However, each body is different and responds differently to the whirlwind of changes that are taking place. You can eat healthy, exercise moderately and still gain a significant amount of weight. You can have all sorts of aches and pains that plague you from the very beginning up until the very last moment before giving birth. The point is to release control over your body and what changes will occur. Looking back after you have your baby in your arms you'll laugh at the thought that you were in control!

5. Accept Your Changing Body

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When you're carrying a new life, you'll start to notice various changes in your appearance. You may have that beautiful pregnancy glow that women desire or it may manifest as acne and dry splotchy skin. Your hair may be thick, shiny and glorious or unruly and frizzy. You may only gain weight in the belly region or you might gain weight all over. Each pregnancy is different and it's important to accept your changing body as it comes! If you're not happy with the new "you", remember it's totally temporary and you'll soon be back to a more recognizable you. I remember after the birth of my son, I literally couldn't recognize myself. It wasn't just the weight gain, it was the way my face looked. Eventually I went back to my normal self and all is well - it's just so fascinating to see all the changes that happen from being pregnant and how we can't control them at all!

6. You Have Plenty of Time to Lose the Baby Weight

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This is easier to believe before you're in that squishy, flabby postpartum stage. Take heart however, because there is plenty of time to lose that baby weight! Rest well and when you're all healed and feeling energized, work towards your goals of shedding the pounds you so lovingly put on. The best thing you can do is to eat well, exercise as often as you can and wear loose, flowy tops in the meantime. Remember that it took almost a year to put on the weight and will generally take that long to lose it all!

7. Do Things for Yourself That Make You Feel Beautiful

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Probably the most beneficial thing you can do while pregnant is take steps to make yourself feel beautiful. Buy some cute and flattering maternity clothes that show off your darling bump! Get your hair cut and colored but remember not to do anything extreme while you're expecting - this a mistake many women make while their hormones are raging which they later regret. Manicures and pedicures are other fabulous treatments to indulge in often that leave you feeling pretty and pampered! Do something just for you that will be harder to do once baby arrives!

These are just a few helpful things to make your pregnancy happier and more enjoyable! It's important to remember not to compare your pregnancy with anyone else's. Each pregnancy is unique and different and comes with no set standards! If you've been pregnant before, what were some of the mentalities that helped you stay happy and positive?

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