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If you are a new mom, there is no doubt that you need to know how to look good after sleepless nights. Sleepless nights are just something that comes with the territory of being a new mother. And as precious as our little ones are, their need for middle of the night care does take a toll on us. But you can still look gorgeous when you use these tips on how to look good after sleepless nights.

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Get the Red out

Red eyes are a harsh reality of losing sleep. Thankfully, there are some really easy fixes for that. Try some Visine or other eye drops to help get rid of that telling redness. This only takes a couple of seconds and makes a huge difference. You can go from bleary eyed to bright eyed in just a matter of moments. Just following this one tip alone can make a difference in how to look good after sleepless nights.


Hydrate up

Losing sleep takes a large toll on our skin. It is that much worse if you are dealing with any level of dehydration at all. When your skin is dry, it will be drawn and show wrinkles more. There will be no glow. Make sure you are drinking enough water each day, especially if you are nursing.


Slather on Moisturizer

Another thing you can do to help your skin recover from a sleepless night is to slather on some moisturizer. It instantly moisturizes your skin and gives you back a bit of a healthy glow. It serves another purpose in giving your skin an even surface so your makeup will go on evenly. I truly believe regular use of a moisturizer is a well-kept skin secret. Your skin will reflect it when you take time to do this.


Pat on Concealer

If you are a new mom, you absolutely must have a concealer in your possession. Dark circles come with the sleepless nights and concealer is the key to covering them. Try to choose a concealer that is yellow based, if possible. Any concealer will be helpful but yellow based concealers seem to do a lot more for dark circles than ones that match your skin. Lastly, instead of rubbing in, try to pat over the affected area to avoid blending it away too much.


Choose a Lighter Eyeliner

Our eyes truthfully take the worst hit when we deal with sleepless nights. From redness to dark circles, they tell the tale. Another thing you can do for this is to lighten up on your eyeliner. Choose a brown or charcoal rather than a severe black. You can also apply it with a lighter hand than usual.


Go for a Bright Lipstick

After you have done all you can do for your face and eyes, turn your focus to your lips. Choose a bright lipstick. Don’t worry, there are shades for everyone. Try some in berry, bright pink or even red to see what you think. This will help pull the attention away from your tiredness.



This is another thing you can do to divert attention away from the tiredness that may show in your face. Make use of accessories. They really help to shift the focus off of how tired you may be. People will be busy noticing your chunky necklace or your chandelier earrings and pass over seeing how tired you really are. Try some on and look in a mirror to see how well this works.

These are 7 things you can do to still look good after those inevitable sleepless nights. What tips do you use for this? We can all learn from each other.

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orange juice or some kind of intake of vitamin C. it will def make a difference in how u look and feel..

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