7 Hints to Help You Survive Pregnancy in Warm Weather ...


If you are wondering how to survive pregnancy in warm weather, this article is for you. I have been through two pregnancies in the summer with one child born in September and one born in October. I know what you are going through, ladies. Thankfully, because of that, I have some helpful hints to help you survive pregnancy in warm weather.

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Make Use of the AC

Ladies, you are going to want to use that AC this summer. If you don’t have an air conditioner, plan on buying one now before the heat of summer gets here. This is the biggest tip to help you survive pregnancy in warm weather. If you can’t get an air conditioner that will cool the whole house, at least purchase one to cool the main rooms. Your AC is going to be your new best friend.


Pay Attention to Your Fabrics

A lot of times we don’t think about this but it matters. The type of fabric that your clothing is made from has a lot to do with how cool and comfortable you will be. You do not want polyester or rayon if you are searching for clothing that will keep you cool. Go for cotton or a moisture wicking fabric. Save the other fabrics for cooler days.


Enjoy the Pool

The pool can be wonderfully refreshing on a hot day. It feels even more so when you are pregnant. If you have a pool or access to one belonging to a family member or friend then make the most of it. It will help you survive those sweltering days. It also feels wonderfully relaxing.


Be an Indoor Girl

When the days get hot, retreat to the indoors. Sometimes you just have to stay where is most comfortable for you. There are lots of things you can do indoors to stay busy. You can work on your baby’s nursery or watch a stack of favorite movies. Taking a nap is a good option, too.


Drink up

It is important to stay hydrated when it is hot outside. Make sure you are getting enough fluids each day. Dehydration is bad for you and your baby. Make it a habit to keep a bottle of water close by wherever you are. If you are bored with regular water, try adding lemon or orange slices to jazz it up.


Put Your Feet up

It is common for your feet to swell when you are pregnant. This is even truer in the last trimester. Hot weather makes them swell more which is an unpleasant issue to deal with when you are pregnant in the spring and summer. It can help to elevate them whenever you are sitting down. Cutting back on your sodium intake helps, too.


Look on the Bright Side

There is a bright side to being pregnant in the warm weather months. Your maternity clothing options are much cuter. You aren’t cooped up with nothing to do while a snow storm rages. And there are usually fun events to attend in the summer to help time pass quicker for you. Looking at the positive is a healthy thing to do both mentally and physically.

It can be a bit difficult to deal with being pregnant but it is doable. What other tips have you heard help with this situation? I am anxious to read your responses!

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