7 Easily Missed Babyproofing Steps ...


It is important to make sure that you did not miss any babyproofing steps. Although you may have done a very thorough job, it is still possible to have missed a step or two in the process. These are some of the most common and easily missed babyproofing steps. It is a good idea to read through and make sure you took care of each of these details.

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Your Purse

Your purse is one of the most easily missed babyproofing steps. It is easy to overlook because it is not actually a part of your home furnishings that you consider when babyproofing. Nevertheless, it is something that can pose harm to your baby if you have certain contents in it, such as medications, choking hazards or things that contain harmful chemicals. You can either choose to make sure your purse does not contain anything that could harm your baby or to simply store it somewhere out of baby’s reach.


Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets are not something that most people remember to consider when babyproofing. But they can pose a serious risk to your child if they are not anchored to the wall. This is especially true if the cabinet is flimsy or not very solid. Babies climb and pull on things to help them do that. This risk can easily be fixed by anchoring the cabinet to the wall.



Rugs are a cozy part of most homes. They look lovely and add warmth to a room. But if you do not have non-slip pads under your rugs, they can be a danger to your baby. When a baby starts walking, they are very unsteady on their feet. Adding non-slip pads under your rugs will eliminate this risk.


Your Hot Water Setting

The setting on your hot water heater can be a danger to your child. It should be set no higher than 120 degrees. Any higher temperature than that will pose a risk of burns to baby. It actually poses a risk of burns to anyone but a baby’s skin is more fragile than that of an adults. Turning the temperature setting down makes it safer for everyone in the home.


Leaving the Dishwasher Open

This is something that most of us do from time to time without thinking about it. You may be in the middle of unloading it or just forgot to close it. There is less risk if the dishwasher is empty. But objects such as knives, glassware or even dishwasher detergent are dangerous to your baby. All that is really necessary here is to be conscientious about keeping it closed.


Brother or Sister’s Rooms

An older brother or sister likely has toys in their room that can pose a risk to baby. This presents a dilemma to parents. Do they get rid of all of their older child’s toys with small parts or figure out another solution? If you opt for figuring out another solution, you may want to purchase a baby gate to keep baby out of their sibling’s room. Another option is to keep the older child’s toys with small parts up on a high shelf when not in use.


Grandma’s House

Grandma’s house or the home of anyone else that your baby spends a significant amount of time at should have babyproofing done. This is especially true if they babysit your child. But you should not expect them to do the babyproofing. Offer to take care of the expense and work of babyproofing. Most people are very willing to accommodate whatever is needed to keep your little one safe.

Babyproofing is a big job and it is easy to miss a few areas. Have you missed any of these areas? I would love to hear from you.

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