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7 Tips for Coping with a Summer Pregnancy ...

By Alison

Being pregnant can be tough at any time, but a summer pregnancy makes it even harder. Sadly you can't always time it perfectly so that you're not heavily pregnant during the hottest months of the year. So what can you do if you're toting a massive bump when it's 80F+? Here are some tips on coping with a summer pregnancy …

1 Time of Day

When you're dealing with a summer pregnancy, you should avoid doing anything energetic in the hottest part of the day. If you can, go out only when it's cooler; you'll find it more comfortable running errands first thing or in the evening. Also avoid being in direct sunlight as it can be very strong, and be more active when you feel more energetic.

2 Fluids

It's important to stay hydrated when it's hot even when you're not pregnant, and you should be particularly aware of this when you are pregnant. Make sure you consume enough fluids; keep water and other drinks in the fridge to help you feel cooler.

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3 Feet up

When you're pregnant, you'll need to rest anyway, so be aware that when it's hot you will probably need to put your feet up even more. Don't try to do too much; you'll just end up exhausting yourself. It's a good idea to pace yourself and take regular breaks.

4 Clothing

Wearing the wrong clothing will make you feel hot and sticky in the summer, and when you're pregnant you tend to feel the heat more as your body temperature rises. So pick your clothes carefully. It's not easy to find clothes that fit a growing body, but if you can, choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Cotton jersey will also stretch with your bump!

5 Swim

If you have access to a swimming pool then that is a great way of cooling down in the heat. It's also an excellent form of exercise when you're pregnant, as the water is very supportive. If you can't get to a pool, dangle your feet in the kids' paddling pool or in a bowl of water. It might look a bit silly but your feet will be lovely and cool!

6 Mist

Spraying a mist of water over your face will also help you cool down. Carry it with you when you are out and about. Don't waste money on expensive mineral sprays; all you need is a water bottle with a fine nozzle. You can also run your wrists under a cold tap. There are also cooling leg gels if you prefer something scented.

7 Sleep

Finally, it can be difficult to sleep when it's hot or when you're pregnant. So when you're pregnant in the heat, it's even worse. Put on the aircon or fan, or open windows wide to let air flow. You may find that it's cooler to sleep downstairs for a while.

Being heavily pregnant can be uncomfortable enough without heat (my poor niece is about to give birth in Texas - imagine the heat in August!). If you live in a warmer climate it's difficult to time your pregnancy to miss the heat. Happily there are ways to make yourself a bit more comfortable until the weather cools down. How did you cope with a summer pregnancy?

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