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If you're preparing for the arrival of a new bundle of joy, you might be wondering what maternity hospital bag essentials you'll be needing! I can tell you for sure that most expectant moms overpack for the hospital and end up not using half of what they bring. While you want to be prepared for the big day, there are plenty of items you can choose to leave at home. Here are some maternity hospital bag essentials that you'll definitely want to have when you head out the door to deliver your baby!

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A Post-delivery Outfit

Definitely one of the maternity hospital bag essentials to pack with you is a post-delivery outfit. No one likes those hospital gowns they make you wear during labor and delivery, so you'll want a comfortable, loose fitting outfit to change into during recovery. It should be something that's open, like a dress or skirt, that can be paired with a cute cardigan for those drafty hospital halls!


Comfortable Pajamas

You will also need comfy pajamas to sleep in during your hospital stay. Remember, if you're breastfeeding, you might want to consider a nursing tank and a nursing bra to sleep in for those late night feedings. While your baby may sleep for the first night, the second night probably won't be the same and you'll need quick access to baby's food source.


An "Expecting Visitors" Outfit

It's up to you how many visitors you want in the hospital, but when they do arrive, you'll want to feel as good as you can about your appearance- expect lots of pictures and interaction! Keep this outfit simple, comfortable and make sure it's something you'll feel good in.


Makeup Bag

It may sound strange to pack your makeup bag, but for those of us who wear it on a daily basis, you'll want to have at least some minimal color on your cheeks when you receive visitors! You and your baby will have plenty of opportunities for pictures and you won't want to look back wishing you had at least put on some tinted lip balm. It's good to note that makeup can also do wonders for a tired mama!


Basic Toiletries

While the hospital provides soap and maybe a hotel-type shampoo, you'll probably want to bring your own travel-sized bathing products from home. You'll feel desperate to take a shower after the exhausting process of delivering a baby, so any cleansing comforts from home are a must! You might also want to bring shower shoes, just as a precaution.


A Camera

Don't leave home without a camera to document the birth of your sweet baby! I wish we would have taken more photos, even ones of me in labor, because those are pictures you'll cherish and they will bring back all the emotions of that day! Set boundaries though, because you might find yourself in too much pain or discomfort to necessarily want your partner sticking a camera in your face.


Nursing Bra and/or Tank Top

Lastly, you'll want to pack a good nursing bra and tank top. While your milk may take a few days to come in, you're going to have a lot of practice with baby latching while you're in the hospital and you'll need "easy access." Pick out a bra as close to your due date as possible, which will give you the most accurate sizing.

Plenty of women think about what to pack in their hospital bag way in advance so they feel prepared. Having a list of items in your head is super helpful when the time comes to keep that bag handy. Are there any other items you would like to add to this list? Share them!

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Nipple cream!!!!

Some plastic bags to wrap used cloths, more undergarments than you think, few rubber- bands (as i could not find one during my labour) might b useful:)

Lots of drinks, I got really dehydrated in both my labours...

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