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Life hacks for moms help make our day go smoother, keep our sanity in check, and can speed up many different processes! If you’re a new mom, a veteran mom, or hoping to become a mom in the future, these tips can become your new best friend! I have put these tips to use many times, and now I’d love to share them with you. Keep on reading to learn my awesome life hacks for moms!

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Wash and Cut up Fruits and Veggies Right Away

One of my favorite life hacks for moms is to wash and cut up your fresh fruits and veggies as soon as you get home from the grocery store! It’s easier to grab a healthy snack when your fresh produce is already prepared to eat. I also like to feed my toddler healthy snacks throughout the day, and I don’t always have an extra 10 minutes to stop and prepare fresh fruit or veggies. This is a good opportunity to steam a few veggies for toddlers as well.


Wear a Face Mask in the Shower

I’m a girly girl, and that means I like to pamper myself and do regular beauty treatments. But as a mom, that isn’t always realistically possible. I have found that I can wear a face mask in the shower to keep my skin healthy and make the most of my time! The steam from the shower helps the mask penetrate deeply. The mask won’t dry all the way, but it will still be effective! Just slap it on while you shampoo and lather up, then rinse it off before stepping out. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer!


Use the Dishwasher Door

My daughter is at the age where she loves to help me in the kitchen, but she is still pretty messy! I never want to discourage her from helping me, as it’s also a learning process for her! To stimulate creativity and keep the mess minimal, I simply open the dishwasher door, give her a bowl with a bit of flour or dough from whatever I’m mixing, and let her mix away! The door contains most of the mess and it’s easily cleaned when I run my dishwasher next time.


Wear Your Bathrobe in the Mornings

As a mom, spills, dribbles, and snot are unavoidable. So after you've gotten ready and before you are ready to leave in the mornings, wear your bathrobe over your clothes. This prevents your clothes from getting messy by accident, and saves you time from stopping to change your clothes from the mess!


Utilize “Empty” Time

There is “empty” time in every day. Time spent in waiting rooms, commuting to and from work, time spent on hold, and so on. Find these empty spots and make the most of them! For example, breastfeeding moms could pump on the way to work! A hands-free pumping bra and your back up battery pack on your pump will help you accomplish this feat. You could write thank you notes or birthday cards while in waiting rooms. Compose a menu for the week while waiting on hold. Make the most of your “empty” time!


Make Freezer and Crockpot Friendly Meals

Cooking a healthy and delicious meal for your family can take a lot of time and energy that some of us may not have at the end of the day. Freezer and crockpot friendly meals will take so much stress off your load! Devote one or two days a month to preparing and freezing a few family favorites. Crock-pot meals can be prepped and frozen or made from fresh ingredients and started at the beginning of the day before work.


Master the Art of 10 Minutes

So much can be accomplished in 10 minutes. You could get yourself ready to run a quick errand. You could flash clean your whole house. You could whip up a meal. Learn what you need to do to get by for when you only have 10 minutes. For example, you could get ready in 10 minutes by throwing on jeans, a tank and cardigan, brushing your teeth, putting your hair in a bun, and swiping on mascara and lip-gloss. You could flash clean your house in 10 minutes by loading the dishwasher, vacuuming, picking up toys/shoes/trash, and wiping down bathrooms and counters.


Always do Prep Work

Prep work makes life so much easier for moms. Do prep work for dinner. Do prep work for the next day by laying out all clothes, school supplies, work stuff, lunches, etc. Do prep work for your next grocery trip by making inventory of your pantry, writing out a menu, and making sure your trunk is empty to hold groceries.


Establish “Quiet Time” for Your Kids

Having quiet time for your kids will save your sanity and possibly their attitudes. You don’t have to demand a nap, but having a set quiet time for your kiddos will give you extra time to study, clean, relax, work, and do whatever you need to do with no interruptions. Quiet time could be looking at books, watching a cartoon, or quiet play in their rooms. Find what works for you and your family and make it a habit!

I love being a mom! Having a little person who depends on me and loves me unconditionally is so precious! It makes me want to use my time wisely, and get the most out of every day I have with her. These life hacks have saved me time and of course sanity, so I hope they work for you as well as they have worked for me! Do you have any life hacks and time savers to share today?

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