7 Things You Can do to Survive Pregnancy Brain Fog ...


Pregnancy brain fog is something that occurs when you just feel like you can’t get it together. You are forgetting things. Things may feel like they are slipping through the cracks a little bit. These are some tips to help you deal with pregnancy brain fog.

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Understand It’s Normal

First of all, it is good to recognize that pregnancy brain fog is normal. It isn’t enjoyable but rest assured that many other mommies-to-be do experience it. Realizing that it isn’t only you dealing with this strange phenomenon can be reassuring. Talk to some other pregnant moms at your doctor’s office on your next visit. You will see you aren’t the only one going through this.


Stay Organized

Staying organized can help you to be less likely to have moments of pregnancy brain fog. If you always keep your electric bill in the same place then you know exactly where to look for it when you don’t remember if you paid it or not. Organization can help you to find things, be less likely to forget things and feel calmer. It helps things run more smoothly, especially when you are dealing with pregnancy brain fog. It will help keep things going smoothly after the baby arrives, too.


Let Post-its Be Your New Best Friend

Post-its can be your best friend when you are dealing with pregnancy brain fog. Leave yourself notes. You can stick them anywhere: the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror or your front door. Put them where you will be sure to see them and be reminded of things you need to remember. Post-its can be helpful to anyone in need of reminders.


Set Alarms

You can set alarms to help you remember to do something. If you need to start a roast in an hour, set an alarm for that. If you need to remember to take your vitamin, set an alarm for that. You can use this for many different things. It is a helpful way to stay on track.


Have a Routine

Routines make it easier to stay on track. It keeps you in a pattern that you are used to and you are more likely to notice if something slips by you. You don’t have to be overly strict about this with yourself. However, you will probably find that having somewhat of a routine is helpful. It is also something you will find useful after the baby comes.


Expect It to Continue

Pregnancy brain fog will go away but mommy-of-a-newborn brain fog may take its place. The good news is that yes, you will some day be normal again. The bad news is that it may be a while. As a new mom, you are usually battling exhaustion and making adjustments to the changes in your new, different but wonderful life. It’s only normal that you experience a little bit of brain fog.


Laugh about It

A sense of humor is a great thing to have when you have pregnancy brain fog. It is kind of humorous when you go to the store for milk but forget that one item you originally went for or when you have a fascinating story to share but it slips your mind. Try to look on the funny side of it. Additionally, not taking this too seriously can help you to deal with pregnancy brain fog less. Have a relaxed attitude about it and you may experience it less.

Are you dealing with pregnancy brain fog? How do you deal? I know other mommies-to-be would love to hear your tips!

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