7 Things to Expect when You Become a Mom of Three ...


There are some things to expect when you become a mom of three. Some of them are probably things you knew would occur and some are probably complete surprises. Anytime that your family changes, there’s going to be a change in the balance. Let’s talk about some of the most common things to expect when you become a mom of three.

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Some Surprised Comments

One of the things to expect when you become a mom of three are some surprised comments. Some people may be surprised that you’ve had three children. Three isn’t an extraordinarily large number but it’s more than what a lot of people have. It’s good to have a nice reply ready when you get those comments. Saying how thankful you are for your children or how you love being a family with three children both work.


Laundry and Dishes Multiply

This one probably wasn’t much of a surprise to you. With every baby, dishes and laundry multiply. It can be quite surprising how much laundry such a little person goes through and you tend to forget this fact between babies. But folding their laundry is a sweet activity that most moms don't mind. If you don’t enjoy this chore, maybe you can pass it off to dad.


You Feel like You Don’t Have Enough Hands

When you have two children, you have a hand for each one to hold or to hold them with. When you have three, that doesn’t work anymore. You've got to get a little more creative. It can be done but it isn’t always easy. You'll definitely grow in your resourcefulness!


Things Feel like an Assembly Line

Things begin to feel like an assembly line in your home when you have three children. It’s a bit of a comical way to think of things but it’s very true. Ask other moms of three and they’ll laugh with you over this. The good thing is that you’ll get into doing things as a system, which can be helpful. After a while, this assembly line process will work like clockwork for you.


A Variety of Ages and Stages

A mom of three is usually parenting in three different areas. Of course a mom of two could easily be doing the same thing but it’s more likely that a mom of two has two toddlers or two teens at the same time. When you have three, your parenting is going to be a little more spread out. You’re going to be the experienced mom that other moms admire and come to for advice.


You Feel Very Comfortable as a Mom

By the time your third baby arrives, you’ll feel like a pro at newborn care. You know what you’re doing. You’ve done all this before and feel like a veteran mom. You’ll feel very comfortable and confident with your new baby. This is a definite plus for you as you’re recovering from childbirth.


More Precious Moments

Having three children means three times as many precious moments to enjoy. You’ll get to enjoy all of those firsts all over again. You may even find that you enjoy them more this time since you aren’t as nervous and unsure of yourself as you might have been with your first or second child. You may even have a hard time remembering what your family was like before the new baby came. I have heard several moms say their third baby made their family feel complete.

Now, it’s your turn to share. What are some things you can share about being a mom of three? Do you have any advice to moms new to this number of children?

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You never get a minute to yourself. When one gets ill the other two will in quick succession, when one is happy they all are, when one is mad they all are, you will cook 5 different meals every night. You will never get clubs that they can all go to so you will be out for three hours for each to go to the same club at different stages. 1 and 3 will always have a special bond, 1 and 2 are best friends even if not until older. They will always have each other's back ALWAYS xxx

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