7 Reasons Every Pregnancy is Just as Special as the First ...

Pregnancy is a special milestone in a woman’s life. It’s a magnanimous task to nurture another human being inside you without even meeting that person first. I learned about my first pregnancy in December 2012 – a perfect Christmas gift for my husband and I – and it was the most surreal feeling in the world. Two years and a month later, we learned about “our” second pregnancy. It felt like the first time. Your second, third or fourth pregnancy is still special because…

1. It’s Another Miracle!

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Every woman who goes through pregnancy is a rock star! How in heaven’s name does that work? A sperm and an egg unite and formed a zygote, which later became an embryo then a fetus! My husband and I call it the “miracle from Heavenly Father performed by human beings”. We had twins on my first pregnancy; double the blessings, double miracles! Every pregnancy is just as special as the first because you become witness to a miracle (or miracles)!

2. Every Pregnancy is Different

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You may know the drill but as my Mom, who was pregnant four times, said: “Every pregnancy is different so do not be complacent.” She was eating like a hippo when she was pregnant with me, but was eating like a bird when she was pregnant with my little brother.

3. There is Always That Thrill

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It’s exciting and thrilling because there is always a different twist in every experience. I was hoping for a normal delivery with the twins but two weeks before due date, ultrasound revealed that my son’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. When my OBGYN told me to rush to the hospital immediately and refrain from eating or drinking anything, I thanked my husband for insisting that we indulge in a buffet breakfast that morning. I am thrilled about what is to come in my second pregnancy. More than thrilled in knowing (soon) if I am having multiples…

4. You’re a Different Person

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Your first, second, third pregnancies change you. Generally, you become more enduring and more patient. You love the creature that is inside you more than anyone else in the world. That strong feeling even surprises you because you used to love yourself more than anything else. Your transformation is a blessing; a blessing that comes with a growing stomach and a larger appetite.

5. Nothing Even Comes Close to Reality

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You have wonderful dreams about your child (or children). You have planned out how the nursery will look like. You prepared your home for his/her/their arrival(s). And yet, when they finally see the light of this world and you get to hold them in your arms, you can't even begin to describe that overwhelming feeling that envelops you when you see their first yawn.

6. Every Child Changes You

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My Mom said she already knew my personality even before I came out. She said I would have a big appetite (true!), independent (yes!), stubborn (uhm) and smart (thanks Mom!). So she knew she would have to up her ante and toughen herself further. With my sister, Mom said she felt she would be sweet, meek, caring and gentle. Each pregnancy changes you and that goes without saying that every child changes you.

7. It’s Another Adventure!

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I hate the back pains. I abhor getting up in the wee hours of the morning to pee. I especially do not like thinking about the weight that I am going to carry. But…these are all part of the adventure called pregnancy. Life would be dull without adventures, right?

Is anyone out there expecting a miracle? How’s your pregnancy so far?

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