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Things new moms should have on hand can run the gauntlet from big and flashy pieces of baby furniture to small medicine droppers. There are many things that babies can use, but that doesn’t mean they are all necessary. Below is a list of items that you may have seen advertised and wondered, “Does this really work”? The answer is yes! All of these products are things new moms should have on hand!

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Swaddle Blankets

One of the best things new moms should have on hand are swaddle blankets! Swaddling your baby is a great way to soothe him or her, and you may find that swaddle blankets serve other purposes too. A couple other uses I have found for swaddle blankets include a nursing cover, a burp cloth (the material can be quite absorbent), and a drape to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes in the car.


Versatile Diaper Bag

Here is a top item to invest in. You will be carrying this bag around for the better part of two years, so make sure you pick a bag you love! A neutral color will ensure that it won’t clash with anything you wear. I also like to choose a bag that has extra pockets for “my” stuff, which eliminates carrying a purse and a diaper bag both.


Baby Carrier

Baby carriers or wraps are nice to have on hand for days when your baby is very fussy or when you need to have your hands free. Two of my favorite brands are Boba and Ergo. You can also make your own wraps; there are instructions on various websites! Do your research about safety when wrapping or carrying baby, and also which carriers are best for helping baby have healthy hips.


Essential Oils

There are many different uses for essential oils, but one of my favorite ways to use them with new babies is as a soothing aromatic! Diffusing certain oils into the air can have a calming effect, and applying certain oils topically can boost immune systems, clear up congestion, and aid in many other areas as well. Essential oils also help regulate hormones after giving birth.


Boppy Pillow

My boppy pillow was a lifesaver for breastfeeding! Even if you don’t breastfeed your little one, a boppy is still nice to have on hand for a number of reasons. You can use one to support your arms as you feed baby a bottle, or use it as a support for your baby when he or she is learning to sit up unassisted!



Of course, diapers are kind of a no-brainer, but I still wanted to include them in this post! I’m on board the cloth diaper train, and even if you aren’t the cloth diapering type, you can still keep a few on hand! Maybe if you try it out occasionally, you may like it! And having cloth diapers as a back up stash is a smart idea, since you never know what may happen.


Baby Einstein Movies

I don’t typically recommend that babies or children watch a lot of TV, however the Baby Einstein movies are different! They are very educational and entertaining for little eyes. When my toddler is fussy, watching a Baby Einstein movie can instantly calm her down! These are great little films to keep in your collection, even through toddler years.

Every mom will have items she loves to use and products that work for her baby’s needs. This is a list of products I have found to be most helpful in soothing, entertaining, and caring for my own baby! I think it’s an overall useful list but tell me, stalkers, which products do YOU love for your little ones? Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!

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Wet wipes!! Probably THE most essential item of all for new & not so new moms!

Receiving blankets, you can use for so many different things.

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