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9 Things You Can do to Help Your Baby Relax and Calm down ...

By Jordin

Things you can do to help your baby relax are going to be vital information for brand new mothers! New babies are so sweet to cuddle and hold, however there may be times when you need to calm your baby and help soothe him or her. Overstimulation happens easily when everyone is excited to see a new bundle of joy. Tuck these things you can do to help your baby relax away for future reference and just enjoy being a new mommy!

1 Skin-on-skin Contact

One of the top things you can do to help your baby relax is to try skin-on-skin contact! Babies just love feeling close to mommy, and skin-on-skin contact encourages bonding. According to, placing your baby on your chest for skin on skin contact helps to lower your baby’s stress hormones and calm him or her down!

2 Swaddling

One of the best things I ever invested in for my baby was swaddling blankets! Babies are used to being tightly snuggled while they are in utero so being swaddled brings them comfort, reminding them of what they are used to! Use a thin blanket to swaddle so your baby doesn’t get over-heated.


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3 Put on Music

Soft lullabies or classical music not only calms and soothes your baby but it can also calm your own nerves! Singing can also be a great release of tension, so try softly humming and singing songs to your little one! Music melts away stress, so have a few tunes on hand to turn on when you need to calm baby down.

4 White Noises

One thing that I found extremely helpful as a brand new mom was using white noise to promote a calming atmosphere! You don’t need to turn the volume way up, just a steady white noise in the background at naptime or bedtime will aid in relaxation if baby is wound up! A radio set to static will work if you don’t have a white noise machine. Similarly, louder noises such as a vacuum, hair dryer, or washing machine have also worked to calm babies.

5 Swinging or Rocking

When all else fails, you can usually rely on the rocking chair or baby swing! Something about motion is generally calming to little babies. I used to take my daughter on a quick drive in the car with her buckled into her seat if she was fussy and I couldn’t soothe her.

6 Baby Massage

When your baby is born, ask the nurse to show you how to give your baby a massage! This isn’t a traditional massage in the sense of relaxing and kneading muscles, but simply using touch to soothe your baby! A warm bath followed by lotion applied with baby massage techniques may be all you need to help little one wind down and be ready to get some shut-eye.

7 Use a Pacifier

This is a parental preference of course, but I wanted to include it in my list of suggestions because giving your baby a pacifier may be a lifesaver at times. Sucking motions are very soothing for babies, which is one of the reasons why babies sometimes just want to comfort feed or comfort nurse. Try offering a pacifier if all else fails!

8 Make Surroundings Relaxing

Think of what helps you calm down as an adult. We usually like to kick back in a quiet, dimly lit, comfortable environment! Make sure you turn down the lights, check the room temperature, and keep the noise level down. It helps greatly to have a routine around naptime and bedtime, so babies can know what to expect.

9 Use a Baby Wrap

Have you ever tried a baby carrier or a baby wrap? They are wonderful for keeping your baby right close to you and your hands totally free! Babies tend to calm down almost immediately when place in a wrap because they are so close to their mommy. Do your research to find which wraps are best for babies, and which wrap will best fit your lifestyle and needs!

Have you tried any of these techniques for calming and soothing a baby before? Whether you’re a new mom, an experienced mother, or a caregiver for small children, these tips can be put to use for helping little babies to relax. Please comment below and share things that have worked for you in the past! Thanks for reading stalkers!

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