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Expecting a little one is exciting and all the ways to prepare for a new baby can make your head spin! Here is a quick and simple list of things you can do before your due date that should be helpful. There are things that can be added of course but this is a great place to start! Keep reading for some great ways to prepare for a new baby!

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Clean Your House from Top to Bottom

One of the ways to prepare for a new baby is to deep clean your home. Often times this is called "nesting" and many moms to be get the urge to clean near their due date. It's hard to do much towards the end so start sooner if you can, get rid of unused/unwanted items, and prepare your home for your new arrival!


Buy the Essentials

If you've ever created a baby registry, you know how detailed and long they can be. In reality, babies need very little besides their mother so only buy the essentials now. It's a lot less stressful than trying to buy everything before your baby arrives that you could potentially need at some point. Remember, you can always buy something later on! Think diapers, wipes, baby soap, clothes, car seat and something flat and safe for baby to sleep on.


Set up the Nursery

Probably the most exciting part of expecting a new baby is setting up the nursery! Planning how you want it to look and putting all the furniture pieces together is a really fun and practical way to prepare. When my first son's nursery was complete, it quickly became my favorite room in the house!


Have Meals Planned for the First Two Weeks

During the first weeks of baby's arrival, you'll have very little time or energy to prepare meals, especially if you're the cook in the family. Most often, friends and relatives set up a meal plan system so that you're covered for the first two weeks at least! This is so helpful and amazing. If you don't have that option, then think about preparing and freezing meals to have on hand.


Pack Your Hospital Bag

If your third trimester is coming to a close, think about packing your hospital bag now and leaving it in the car. Once labor starts you'll be thankful you had that bag packed in advance! You might even consider packing one for your partner as well and don't forget your diaper bag with two different baby outfits to choose from!


Install the Car Seat (and Know How It Works)

The most critical thing to do before your bundle of joy gets here, is to install the car seat. You'll need it for taking the baby home from the hospital and in some places, they may check to see if you installed it correctly! Also, be familiar with the harness system because it's actually pretty easy to strap a baby in incorrectly.


Remember to Take Care of YOU

Make it a priority now to take care of yourself once the baby arrives. It's easy to neglect showering, sleeping and even eating when baby first arrives, yet it's crucial. Allowing yourself to just do these simple everyday tasks is a good way to maintain your sanity and energy to keep up with a newborn's needs. Make small, easy meals, shower at night and sleep when the baby sleeps!

Remember not to stress when you're preparing yourself and home for your sweet arrival - everything will be done in time! It's also a fun idea to get a pedicure really close to your due date! Did you know that certain reflexology points in the foot can stimulate labor? Be careful if your due date is far off, otherwise massage away! Do you have anything else to add to this list?

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Don't forget the siblings if any!

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