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This is a partial list of things not to worry about when you’re pregnant. It's only natural that worries come to your mind when you're pregnant. You want to make sure you are doing everything you can to give your baby the healthiest, safest start. But not everything is worth worrying over! These are some examples of things not to worry about when you’re pregnant.

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That Drink You Had before You Knew You Were Pregnant

One of the things not to worry about when you're pregnant is that drink you had before you knew you were pregnant. Chances are extremely low that any damage was done to your baby from the one or two drinks you may have consumed before you knew you were pregnant. Of course you want to refrain from drinking any more now that you do know... but you can largely cross this worry off your list.


Drinking a Cup of Coffee

Many pregnant women worry over drinking a cup of coffee. While an excessive amount of caffeine isn’t advisable, most doctors agree the caffeine content in one cup of coffee isn’t anything to worry over. The same would apply to a glass of soda. So you can relax and meet your girlfriends at your favorite coffee shop. This is one pleasure you don’t have to miss out on. But choosing to go cold turkey off all caffeine is okay, too.



Miscarriage is one of the worst worries for pregnant mommies. And it is a possibility but a lower one than you probably think. According to parents.com, the risk of miscarriage is less than 20% before 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. After that point in time, the risk drops to 5%. So as much as you can, try to put your worries in perspective.


You Can’t Handle Labor

Another thing pregnant mommies worry over is if they can handle labor. Here is the answer: yes you can. While there is no question that labor is painful, it also probably isn’t the nightmare you fear. If it were that horrible, no mother would go on to have a second child. And I have never met a mother that wouldn’t go through labor all over again to have their baby.


Calling Your Doctor

Never worry over calling your doctor with your questions and concerns. Of course some questions can wait until your doctor’s appointments. But if you have any concerns about your pregnancy, you should call right away. Most likely, your obstetrician wants you to call with concerns. And if they don’t welcome your calls then you need to find a more compassionate doctor.


You Won’t Lose the Baby Weight

Another common worry is that you won’t lose this baby weight. Don’t stress over this one, soon-to-be mamas; you will lose it if you try to. It is true that some women retain a portion of their baby weight. But if you watch your diet and exercise after your baby is born, the weight will come off. You can help make that easier now by not eating more than your doctor recommends and getting some light exercise while you are pregnant, such as walking.


You Won’t Be a Good Mother

Let me put this one to rest for you. If you care enough about your baby to take care of yourself while you are pregnant then you will be a wonderful mother. Of course you may not know everything about babies from the beginning but that is okay. Being a mother is a job you learn as you go, all the way from the newborn time period through the teen years. Have confidence in the fact that you are going to be a great mom.

I really hope that this article has helped alleviate some of your worries. What other worries do you have? Feel free to share your concerns here.

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aww i remember all these, i heard drinking one glass of wine a day is good for the baby. don't ask, i didn't do it.

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