8 Sleep Safety Tips for Your Baby ...


The American Academy of Pediatrics has flip-flopped so many times on the proper sleep habits for your infant. Although I do give credit to doctors with lots of practice and information, I do have to say that as a mother, you need to just go with your instincts and your baby's preferences. There are some common sense issues that go along with baby's safety while sleeping as well. In this article, we'll look into 7 sleep safety tips for your baby that will help to put your mind at ease.

1. Watch for Suffocation Hazards

As cute as they may be, stuffed animals may not be in your baby's best interest to accompany them to bed. It's probably best to keep stuff animals in a corner net or at the very least, remove them from the bed while baby is sleeping. Other items that might suffocate a baby would be heavy blankets and pillows. Children don't need a pillow until they are around 2 years old, actually. At 3 years, my son still prefers to be without a pillow at night. Rather than engulfing your baby in heavy blankets, it may be better to use a snuggie type sleeper or warmer jammies. If you're going to cover them up with anything, choose a thin sheet instead. If you're going to use a blanket for your infant, the thing to do is to cover them no higher than their chest area, and them firmly tuck the blanket in on both sides of the crib. Some doctors even go so far as to tell you to remove your bumper pad - I never went that far, as I thought the rails to be just as dangerous. Just make sure to lay them in the center of the bed, and they should be fine.

All about Position
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