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7 Things Your Dad is Always Right about ...

By Jenny

There are an insane amount of things your dad is always right about. It's certainly true about my Dad. It’s been a tad infuriating over the years and I’ve rarely admitted to him how spot on his assumptions and advice have been. He seems to have a gift for always knowing what’s going to happen. Since I was young, the things my dad is always right about have been adding up. I don’t always abide by his guidance at first, but in the end what he told me to do in the beginning ends up being the right thing to do. Here are the things your dad is always right about.

1 Just Because You Have It Doesn’t Mean You Have to Spend It

Of all the things my dad is always right about, this is the refrain my siblings and I have probably heard the most often. My sister and I have always been big shoppers and when we were younger, every time we’d leave to go to the mall, we’d ask my dad for some money. My dad would give us $20 or so and tell us “Just because you have it doesn’t mean you have to spend it.” As someone whose money always burned a hole in my pocket, that was really good advice. I may not have followed it at the time, but I certainly do now.

2 Boyfriends

Whether I’ve liked it or not, my father’s first impression of every guy I’ve ever dated has been spot on. He’s not one of those “No guy is good enough for my daughter” dads, he is just really good at reading people. After finding out what he thought, I would usually defend my guy and tell my dad he was wrong, but inevitably almost everything he said would turn out to be true.

3 You Can Always do Better

I used to get so pissed off when I would get a B on a project or a test and my dad would say “Why didn’t you get an A?” It always made me feel like no matter what I did, he didn’t think it was good enough. But it honestly did help me strive to do better all the time. By my senior year I was acing all of my classes. I used to be one of those kids who didn’t bother studying because I didn’t think I needed to. I would easily pass classes and usually with a fairly high average. I was content to do “good enough” and it was my dad constantly asking why I didn’t get the BEST grade that made me pull up my GPA.

4 School

When I was a senior I got accepted to the college I wanted to go to and I went and took my placement tests and set up my schedule. About two weeks before classes started, I decided I didn’t want to go. I wanted to take a year off before being trapped in a classroom again. My dad told me not to do it because it’s hard to go back. He was absolutely right and I truly wish I had listened. It took me four years to finally go back to school.

5 Friends

My dad has always had an opinion about my friends and it has nearly always been spot on. Most of the people he told me long ago would screw me over have done so and those that he told me would be around for a long time still are. I wish I had listened to his advice a lot more when I was younger.

6 Money

We all used to hate that my dad always took our Christmas/Birthday/Holiday money and put it in our bank accounts without allowing us to spend it. As a kid it definitely felt like we were being cheated out of what was ours, but as I got older I was beyond thankful that I had that money tucked away for me. It allowed me to buy my first car and pay for my first year of school completely out of pocket. My dad has always been phenomenal with money, I’m not sure why that didn’t translate very well to me or my three siblings, but he is still there to help us when we need it, offering up budget plans and telling us what to cut back on.

7 His Attitude towards Alcohol

My dad always told us he didn’t want us to drink but every time we went out he would tell us IF we drank to call him no matter what time it was and he would come get us. He didn’t want us riding with someone who had been drinking and to this day, at 28 years old, I have never ridden with a drunk driver.

I haven’t always gotten along with my dad but I’m so grateful that I’ve had him in my life looking out for me and helping me when I needed it. The advice and life lessons I have learned from him will be with me forever. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! What is the biggest life lesson your dad (or mom) taught you?

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