7 Top Parenting Blogs ...


7 Top Parenting Blogs ...
7 Top Parenting Blogs ...

Top parenting blogs are a must for parents, whether new or experienced. They are great for giving you advice and encouragement when you have an issue or feel overwhelmed with the whole thing. They are also ideal for comic relief when you need to laugh at what’s going on. There are so many to choose from, but here are some of the top parenting blogs to give you some good reading material and refresh your perspective on the task of raising your kids. Happy reading!

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Everyday Mommy

This is one of the top parenting blogs because it’s perfect for those day to day needs and issues that arise with being a mom. The author is a married mom of two so she’s likely living a life much like yours. Her blog is loaded with fun ideas for keeping the kids entertained, mom health issues, keeping the family finances in order and making sure everyone is happy and healthy. Her real world advice makes this blog worth a read.


Fighting off Frumpy

I can really identify with this blog because it features the mom of several boys. I have three boys and no girls so it really speaks to me. If you’re the mom of males, you’ll love it too. The author’s posts are hilarious and give moms the peace of mind they need to realize that their boys are totally normal and everything is fine. If you just need a good laugh, this blog is sure to provide.


5 Minutes for Mom

This blog, written by two moms, is unique in that it aims to bring moms together. There is so much competition when it comes to parenting, but this blog helps moms band together and work with each other instead of criticizing each other. At the same time, it’s loaded with information that ranges from recipes, giveaways, health, family life, working and fashion. You’ll find everything you need here.


Peaceful Parenting

If you want a blog backed by research and facts, this is the one for you. It’s written by a mom who wants to be sure she’s doing the best for her babies, just like you. With information and articles on the big stuff, like breastfeeding, co-sleeping, circumcision and much more, you’ll be able to find facts and advice for all of your big questions and concerns.


The Honest Toddler

This has got to be one of the best blogs out there. It’s written from the toddler’s point of view and is chock full of stuff that will leave you laughing for days. This toddler’s honest look at life gives parents a fun insight into what their child might be thinking about their parents and the choices they make. You will have a hard time tearing yourself away from this one.


The Busy Dad

Most parenting blogs are written by moms and are for moms, but this one targets the dads. Fathers are playing a much bigger role in parenting these days and this blog offers them support when they need it. Dads will find stories and information they can relate to as they raise their little ones from another dad who has spent time in the trenches.



This blog is kept up by Parents magazine, so you know it’s a good one. This is your go-to for anything parenting. From picky eaters to medical problems and everything in between, the Parents blog is sure to give you everything you could ever need to know. You might want to bookmark this one because you’ll be using it often.

What’s your favorite parenting blog? Tell us what makes you want to read it. I hope you found a new one to try here.

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One little momma is a phenomenal blog about parenting as well, definitely worth checking out! Good list though!

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