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These Are the Most Common Mother-Daughter Arguments ...

By Lyndsie

I love my mom. She's my best friend – no fake. I count her and my dad among my BFFs. I'm an only child, you see, so I've always been close to both my parents, but especially my mom. She's my person. I tell you all of that lovey-dovey back story to tell you this: we fought like cats and dogs when I was younger. We butted heads all the time. It happens. Mothers and daughters fight, even when they're closer than close. Every mother/daughter relationship is its own unique thing, but many of the arguments we have are universally similar. See?

1 Typical Teenage Rebellion

Typical Teenage Rebellion The rebellion is typical, anyway, but every daughter rebels a little bit differently.

2 The Fight for Independence

The Fight for Independence This begins sometime around 12 or 13 and ends when moving out is an actual reality because the adult world is a scary, scary place.

3 The Fight against Authority

The Fight against Authority All authority, but especially maternal authority. A girl will spend hours plotting against her mom's authority. Her plans are often diabolical.

4 The Battle to Become a Woman

Daughter is eager to be her own woman. Mom is determined to hold onto her little girl just a bit longer. Epic battles ensue.

5 The Attempt to Pull Away
Daughters always try to pull away. We don't know any better. We're really just asserting our independence but we don't realize the error of our ways until a bit later.

6 Parents Just Don't Understand

Parents Just Don't Understand Mothers, you will hear this. A lot. Like all the time. However, even though your daughter will accuse you of not understanding or not remembering what it was like to be her age, try to remember – it'll help.

7 The Disappointment Disagreement

The Disappointment Disagreement Ugh, this is the worst. Knowing that you disappointed your mom is the absolute worst. It makes you feel so defensive that an even larger fight is usually the result.

8 The Mom Knows Best Fight

The Mom Knows Best Fight Daughters seem incapable of believing this until after the fact. In retrospect, however, mom generally does know best, yes.

9 The Grown up Disagreement

The Grown up Disagreement If you got a nickel for every time you told your mom you're not a little kid anymore, you'd have enough money to move out.

10 The Friend Fight

The Friend Fight Daughters, you will always have at least one friend your mom doesn't like. Mothers, that friend isn't going anywhere until your daughter's good and ready.

11 Of Periods and PMS

Of Periods and PMS Sometimes you bond over your menses. Sometimes it's just World War III.

12 The Clothing Spat
No matter what your style, your mom will have something to say at one point.

13 The “I'm a Cool Mom” Battle

The “I'm a Cool Mom” Battle Daughters, there will come a time where your mom tries to fit in with your friends. This too shall pass.

14 The “do as I Say, Not as I do” Fight

The “do as I Say, Not as I do” Fight This fight is twofold. Sometimes your mom wants you to follow in her footsteps and you resist. Sometimes you try to follow in your mom's footsteps and she resists. Fun times!

15 Boyfriend Battles

Boyfriend Battles Or girlfriend battles, depending on who tickles your pickle. You'll have at least one partner whom your mom just hates, though.

16 Party Debacles

Party Debacles When you first start attending parties or going on dates, the fights are never ending.

17 The Inevitable Fight about College Life

The Inevitable Fight about College Life Your mom is undoubtedly proud of you, but college is just as scary for your parents as it is for you.

What's the most common fight you have with your mom?

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