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There are tons of lessons fathers should teach their daughters that you may not know. Whether you and your daughter have a great, solid relationship, or an unstable one, it’s important to be aware of all of your duties as a father. The lessons fathers should teach their daughters should ideally begin being taught the moment your daughter is born, but it's never too late to offer wise words to the apple of your eye.

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She is Strong

One of the most important lessons fathers should teach their daughters is that they are strong. For centuries, a male-oriented society caused women to be weak, but today things have changed. Still, your daughter needs to be told by a strong authority figure in her life that she can be as mentally and physically strong as she wants to be. And that authority figure is you!


Encouraging strength isn’t just about physical capabilities or mental resilience. It’s also about reaffirming to your daughter her intrinsic value and the power of her convictions. When faced with challenges or adversity, be her rock, demonstrating through action and support that she can overcome any obstacle. This reinforcement can build her confidence and ensure she knows her potential is limitless. Fathers play a crucial role in nurturing this sense of empowerment by celebrating her victories and guiding her through defeats, always with the underlying message that she possesses an inner fortitude just waiting to be unleashed.


She is Special

Everyone wants to feel special - men, women, girls, and boys. But your daughter might struggle especially to find her identity in life, and it’s your job to teach her that she is special and unique beyond belief! You can show your daughter that she is special in a number of ways, but perhaps the best way is to simply tell her that you love her just the way she is, and that she means the world to you!


She Deserves the Best

In general, every girl deserves more than she thinks she deserves. If your daughter is like many girls, she often battles insecurity. This can lead to issues like self-doubt and believing that she deserves less than the very best. As her father, it’s up to you to teach your daughter that she deserves respect, love, and appreciation as much as anyone else.


She Should Speak Her Mind

As a young woman, I know how hard it is for girls to speak their minds. Even in school, I often find myself afraid to ask questions because I worry about what people might think of me. That’s why girls need their fathers to teach them that it’s okay to speak their minds. You should always remind your daughter that there are no “stupid questions”, that every point has a valid argument, and that every girl is entitled to her own opinion. I assure you your daughter will be eternally grateful for such a valuable life lesson!


She Should Stand Her Ground

It’s easy for girls to shrink back from confrontation when it comes their way. They may think it’s more ladylike to hold their tongue when someone insults them, but you should teach your daughter that there is nothing wrong with standing her ground. While she should definitely choose her battles, your daughter should not be afraid to defend herself or the people she loves, just the way she knows you would do anything to protect your family.



Self discipline is a commendable at trait everyone should try to possess. While it’s a personal struggle to become a more self-disciplined individual, you can help your daughter develop this admirable virtue. You don’t need to be the “nice parent” who says yes to your daughter’s every request; it’s okay to say no sometimes. If your daughter throws a fit afterward, don’t feel guilty or, worse yet, cave in. Your sternness will teach her a valuable lesson that will defeat her illusion of a world of instant gratification and help her become more disciplined.



Another great life lesson you can teach your daughter is self-sufficiency. Your daughter needs to know that this isn’t 1950; she doesn’t need to depend on a man to live a fulfilled life. By teaching your daughter simple skills like how to save money, fix a tire, and keep up with bills, you’ll be instilling invaluable lessons in her that she will use for the rest of her life!



A recent study from the Dove Self-Esteem Fund revealed that 62% of all girls feel insecure, and that 57% of all girls have heard their mothers criticize their own looks. These numbers are tragically high, but as a father of one of the next generation’s young women, you can do your part to lower them. By telling your daughter that she is not only beautiful, but smart and important as well, you’ll boost her self-confidence. No girl wants to go her entire life hating the reflection she sees in the mirror, or doubting every action she takes. And as her father, you play a key role in ensuring that that doesn’t happen.


What Real Love is

Every father has the responsibility of teaching his daughter what real love is. The first step is to love your daughter unconditionally, but that usually comes naturally with fatherhood. Additionally, you should show genuine love to the women your daughter looks up to. By purely loving your daughter’s aunts, grandmothers, and mother, you can demonstrate to her what real love is. One of the most important lessons a girl can learn is what real love is, so that imitation-love never lures her into a toxic relationship of any kind.

Your daughter is among the greatest blessings you’ll ever receive. But this gift doesn’t come for free; you have to do your part to raise a confident, independent woman so that once she leaves home she takes the world by storm! What is the most important lesson you hope your daughter learns from you?

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This articles title pic is fricking adorable.

This is a brilliant article

They should also teach that it's ok to be smart, that the right guy will appreciate it.

Loooooove this... But I think both parents should teach this! My mom was way more around more then my dad!

What if your parents never taught you?

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