10 Things All Good Dads Will Tell Their Daughters ...


10 Things All Good Dads  Will Tell Their Daughters ...
10 Things All Good Dads  Will Tell Their Daughters ...

As far as good dads go, I was blessed with one of the best. He’s not only my Dad but also one of my dearest friends. Like most good dads, he’s always had a lot of wisdom to share, including these tidbits. In honor of Father's Day, here are some things good dads tell their daughters.

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“when Life Gets Tough, Get Tough Right Back”

I clearly remember when my Dad shared this bit of wisdom with me. All of us face situations that are difficult in our lives and most dads have a piece of advice similar to this. You can’t just give up. You have to be strong when life throws you a curveball. While you may not see it at the time, how you handle difficulties is a big part of what makes you, you.


Dads have a special way of imparting wisdom to their daughters. This particular piece of advice is one that many dads share: “When life gets tough, get tough right back.” It’s a reminder that no matter how difficult life can be, you can’t just give up. You have to be strong and face whatever curveballs life throws at you.

It’s important to remember that how we handle difficult situations defines us. When we can stay strong and keep going, it’s a testament to our character and resilience. It’s a reminder that we are capable of overcoming any obstacle.

It’s also important to remember that we don’t have to go through life’s struggles alone. Many dads are there to offer support and guidance. They can provide a listening ear and help us figure out the best way to tackle a problem.

At the end of the day, dads are there to remind us that we are capable of anything. No matter how tough life gets, we can always get tough right back. With the right attitude and support, we can make it through anything.


“when You Can’t Work for the Big Money, Work for the Little Money”

My Dad has an amazing work ethic, as I’m sure many of your dads do. He was a great provider but never too good to work for a lower wage than what his usual wage was. This has a lot to do with learning the value of money. I’ve learned that all jobs have value and to respect every pay level. We never know when our level of pay and position could change.


“You Never Want to Be Late”

Punctuality is of major importance with my Dad and there’s a lesson in that. While we’re all late on occasion, his example taught me to do my best to minimize those times as much as possible. Being punctual is professional in work situations and considerate in both professional and private situations. It’s one less stressor in your life when you’re on time. This may also be why I have the quirky talent of almost always being able to accurately guess the time, even if I haven’t seen a clock in hours.


“Be Careful What You Say”

It’s easy to speak without thinking. We all do it on occasion. But it’s not a wise habit and one we should be careful with. Saying things without thinking, especially when you’re upset, can come back on you. Not only should you be careful what you say but be careful who you say it to.


“Get Your Education”

My Dad, like most, values education. He knows that it’s the key to a better life. And while traditional schooling is what he always advocated, he also set the example of being a lifelong learner. Read, study and be curious about the world around you. None of us ever have to stop learning!


“Don’t Carry All Your Money in One Place”

There’s a lot of wisdom in this statement. Because my Dad was in the service and traveled far and wide, he learned the importance of being street smart with your money. Keeping it all in one place means that if you lose it, you lose it all. Keeping it in different places will help you to make sure you don’t lose all you have if you do meet an unfortunate circumstance such as losing your wallet or even being robbed. While this tip is always helpful, it’s even more important when you travel far from home.


“Don’t Let People Run over You”

Let’s be honest. While there’re many wonderful, kind and caring people in the world, there’re also a wealth of those that aren’t as kind and wonderful. Some people will run over you in order to get what they want. The hard truth is that not everyone has good morals. When you encounter someone like that, you have to stand up for yourself. It’s not easy but it’s something you need to do.


"pretty is as Pretty Does"

While we can all appreciate a pretty face and a person who is well-kept, it is too actions that make a person shine. Someone with a heart of gold and a willingness to help others, is as beautiful as they come.


"never Seriously Date a Man You Wouldn't Marry"

It may be fun to pass the time, but life is short. Any father would agree that you should spend your time investing in someone you see yourself with in the long-term. After all, it's all about those wedding bells for a proud father.


"you Can do Anything a Man Can"

Forget gender inequality, forget about small-minded men and women who feel that women cannot measure up when it comes to their level of skill. YOU can do anything you want. You can go up against a man... and win! Don't let the world tell you otherwise.

These are 10 pieces of advice good dads give their daughters. What’s your favourite piece of advice from your Dad? Please share!

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Watch “YENTL” with Barbara Streisand to see how women can be limited by sexism but can be free if they choose to be.

Why only the daughters... These are good advices for sons as well

I am sure every time they hear they can’t do something because they are girls my words echo in their heads challenging them to prove otherwise.

One if the greatest posts I have ever read!

Haha yeah @Jos

When my daughters told me someone said they could not do something because they were a girl I would say “of course you can’t do that!! You are JUST a girl”. My sarcastic voice questioned what they were told and they promptly did it.

I would add an 8th about making bad tattoo choices.

As a single mom, I teach these things to my daughter. I don't get the whole battle of the sexes here. Fathers/daughters - mothers/sons. Can't we just say parents and children?

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