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Each mother should know a few ways to teach your daughter to be a lady, even if you are raising a tomboy! There is nothing wrong with a little girl who likes to rough it up outside just like the boys do, but at the end of the day, she is still a girl. Here are a few ways to teach your daughter to be a lady just in case you would like to maintain a sense of femininity for your daughter, and train her to have the best of both worlds!

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Set an Example

Perhaps the most powerful of all ways to teach your daughter to be a lady is to lead by example. Children are like sponges; they soak up everything around them. If your daughter sees you behaving and dressing like a lady, chances are good that she will follow in your footsteps. Be sure that your words and actions always line up, because children will do and repeat everything they see or hear around them!


Words Matter

Part of being a lady includes watching the words that come out of your mouth. And that doesn’t mean just swear words! Unkind, hurtful and mean gossip is something you don’t want your daughter to take part in. Even just talking down to or about authority or those around you is something to be avoided. Habits form quickly at young ages, so try to keep words positive and uplifting!


Pay Attention to Her Clothes

These days I go clothes shopping, and I am appalled by what I see in the little girls' section. Clothes for little girls have lost their charm and modesty! I would never want to dress my own little girl in some of the things I see on the racks nowadays, because I don’t think it will encourage femininity. Pay attention to what your daughter wears when you go out of the house.


Encourage Femininity

I believe a woman can be strong, independent, and confident while maintaining her femininity. Lack of charm and grace in a woman just feels distant and strange! Encourage your daughter to be sweet and graceful in her manner, and if she likes pink and bows, go crazy with them! Even a tomboy can be feminine in her own way, it’s up to you to find that balance and help her walk that line.


Work on the Attitude

An attitude is everything. Most small children show attitudes from a young age, so if you start to see one forming, don’t wait until it’s too late to nip it in the bud. A little girl can be as cute as a button, but if her attitude is bad, no one will notice the cuteness!


Avoid Tearing Her down

The quickest way to melt a little girl’s spirit is to tear her down. There is a difference between scolding and tearing down. Scolding is a necessary parental duty, but tearing down will not help your daughter build the confidence she needs to succeed in life. A lady needs to be taught character, so start with affirming words and positive attitudes!


Actions Are Always Important

Do you notice your little girl throwing temper tantrums? Twisting around words that you or someone else tells her? Does she mistreat her toys or lie to you? Remember that actions matter, and if you don’t make sure she understands that actions have consequences from a young age, she may face a hard road ahead of her. Teaching your daughter to be a lady means making sure she knows how to control her actions!

Teaching your daughter to be a little lady may take some time and dedication on your part, but in the end you will be glad you put forth the effort! Having a polite, well-mannered daughter will leave your friends wondering how you did it! And if she leaves a bow in her hair, that’s bonus points. How do you encourage femininity in your daughter?

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Great article and advice!! It’s still a free country, we are allowed to write whatever we want on blogs. Haha. Definitely need to encourage our little daughters to be as feminine as they want to be. Not enough gentle, lady-like women growing up in these days. Many are rude, outspoken and ill mannered to each other especially towards men. Along with wanting to act like men. I grew up being a tomboy but girls don’t need to be encourage to act like or be boys/men. It goes against our natural biology. There is a perfect balance in life and that’s when men and women embrace their masculine and feminine energies and work together.

Disgustingly sexist "article".

Wear skirts more ! If most women saw themselves in a 3 way mirror they'd never wear slacks . Some designer said that

The way i see your advise is quoting your quote, not explaining your quote, i understand a brief amount of what you're saying, not a full amount #Feedback

Shouldn't this article be called: "7 ways to brainwash your child into what the bible and society thinks a girl should be?"

#1 But what can I do? I am too sexy to follow someone...

Pay attention to what they wear? While you're at it, how about you instruct her in the horror of women trying to become professionals in a man's world...seriously? You want to teach your child that her character should be portrayed in what she wears???

you parents need to stop telling girls how to act

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