This Dad's Instagram Shows the Brutal Reality of Raising 4 Kids ...

By Ed T.

This Dad's Instagram Shows the Brutal Reality of Raising 4 Kids ...

I love being a dad, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its difficulties. Like when my son comes into my bed after having a bad dream and I have to worry about him rolling off the side somehow. Or his need to take whatever food I give him and mush it into the carpet, or try and drink whatever scalding hot beverage I'm sipping on.

Being a dad is basically trying to protect your kid from killing themselves all the time. And raising them to not be monsters.

If it sounds like its difficult, it's because it is. Don't get me wrong, it's extremely rewarding, but hard as hell.

1 And Simon Hooper Doesn't Shy Away from Just How Infuriating Daddyhood Can Be

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2 Hooper's the Proud Papa of a 9-year-old, a 6-year-old, and Two 10-month Twin Daughters

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3 Hooper's Already Amassed over 150,000 Followers from Humorous Posts about All of Stark Realities of Dad Life. like Sharing a Bed...

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4 Playtime...

person, people, infant, child, toddler,

5 Having Your Dad Jokes Fall on Deaf Ears...

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6 Trying to Communicate with His 9-year-old...

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7 Playing Dress-up While Shopping...

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8 And More Playtime...

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9 But That Doesn't Mean It's All Madness. I Mean Just Look at Those Faces

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10 And Book Time Looks Fun as Hell

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11 And Who Doesn't Love a Spirited Game of Simon Says?

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12 Even when They're All Bundled up Outdoors in the Cold They Look Too Adorable

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13 And Bath Time? Come on

people, person, child, toddler, play, Being a dad is super friggin' tough, but once that kid smiles up at you or gives you a hug out of nowhere, you forget all the sleepless nights you went through.


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The kids eyes are beautiful!

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