6 Things Celebrity Parents Tweet about ...

As parents we love to show off our kids; how cute and adorable they are, their smiles and laughter, the accomplishments and achievements they make, and just how proud of them we truly are. With Facebook and Twitter we can upload in seconds the moments and milestones that capture our hearts and share it with friends and family across the globe. In a world of gossip and scandal its nice to see that celebrities share these precious moments of their kids as well. Here are 6 Things that Celebrity Parents Tweet About...will these photos inspire you?

6. Celeb Dad David Charvet & Son...

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Photo: @BrookeBurke via Babble

How adorable is little Shaya Burke, son of Brooke Burke and David Charvet, who was born on March 5th 2008. Brooke and David have two children together along with Brooke's other two daughters from a previous marriage. Spending and finding time together as a blended family can be difficult especially when you are always traveling or working like celebrity'sdo. It's such a sweet moment to share the love of a hobby with your children and it's nice to see this tweet from Brooke of David playing the guitar with his son.

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