6 Things Celebrity Parents Tweet about ...


6 Things Celebrity Parents Tweet about ...
6 Things Celebrity Parents Tweet about ...

As parents we love to show off our kids; how cute and adorable they are, their smiles and laughter, the accomplishments and achievements they make, and just how proud of them we truly are. With Facebook and Twitter we can upload in seconds the moments and milestones that capture our hearts and share it with friends and family across the globe. In a world of gossip and scandal its nice to see that celebrities share these precious moments of their kids as well. Here are 6 Things that Celebrity Parents Tweet About...will these photos inspire you?

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Celeb Dad David Charvet & Son...

Celeb Dad David Charvet & Son... Photo: @BrookeBurke via Babble

How adorable is little Shaya Burke, son of Brooke Burke and David Charvet, who was born on March 5th 2008. Brooke and David have two children together along with Brooke's other two daughters from a previous marriage. Spending and finding time together as a blended family can be difficult especially when you are always traveling or working like celebrity'sdo. It's such a sweet moment to share the love of a hobby with your children and it's nice to see this tweet from Brooke of David playing the guitar with his son.


Celeb Mom Soleil Moon Frye & Daughter...

Celeb Mom Soleil Moon Frye & Daughter... Photo: @MoonFrye via Babble

When we think about having children we dream of dressing upour little girls in cute outfits and pigtails with bows in their hair. Actress Soleil Moon Frye and her daughter Poet had such a great time dressing up as characters from the movie Grease for Poet's birthday that she just had to tweet about it and share the fun with her followers. Do you think photos like this mommy and daughter moment could inspire the rest of us to throw theme birthday parties for our kids?


Celeb Mom Holly Robinson Peete's Kids...

Celeb Mom Holly Robinson Peete's Kids... Photo: @HollyRPeetevia Babble

Who doesn't love going to a sportsgame with their kids! Taking your kids to a game, whether it's baseball, basketball, football, hockey, etc., can be a new adventure and experience for the entire family. Actress Holly Robinson Peete tweeted about taking her four children to see the Dodgers game last year and even got the chance to walk on the field for the autism awareness event that is very near and dear to her heart.
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Celeb Mom Denise Richards' Daughters...

Celeb Mom Denise Richards' Daughters... Photo: @Denise_Richards via Babble

Sometimes our kids do the darndest things, but when they have cutie pie faceslike Sam and Lola Sheen, daughters of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, you just can't help but smile instead of getting mad at them! Here Denise tweeted about catching her daughters sneaking into the fridge to get a snack!


Celeb Mom Melissa Joan Hart's Sons...

Celeb Mom Melissa Joan Hart's Sons... Photo: @MellyJHart via Babble

Our kids are just so funny and always want to put on a good show for everyone. With all of the music shows and music gameskids can watch and play it's easy to see why they would want to jump up on the table and rock out like Melissa Joan Hart's two cool sons, Mason and Braydon. I think I would want to tweet this rock star moment too if they were my boys!


Celeb Mom Trista Sutter's Kids...

Celeb Mom Trista Sutter's Kids... Photo: @TristaSuttervia Babble

Have you ever seen a more precious and loving brother and sister! Trista Sutter, known from The Bachelorette where she met husband Ryan Sutter, tweets an adorable photo of big brother Max holding on tight to little sister Blakesley Grace as they ride down the slide at the playground. When our kidsgrow up sometimes they disagree, fight, and argue with their siblings, so when these moments are there when they are playing, bonding, and laughing together we should capture it and hold on to it so we can later go down memory lane and hopefully bring back that bond and laughter.

There are always those special events, vacations, and firsts we will want to share of our children with friends and family members on Facebook and Twitter since it's just that easy to show grandma and grandpa without having to travel across country or wait for the updated portraits to come in the mail. But remember to hold on to some moments and keep the memory for only those who were there, because in this fast paced life we sometimes forget to hold on to whats really important and what truly matters.

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What a great idea for a post Diana - and so well done. I'm not on Twitter yet, but this is a great collection of photos. Love the Soleil Moon ones!

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