13 Trendy Nursery Color Scheme Ideas ...


13 Trendy Nursery Color Scheme Ideas ...
13 Trendy Nursery Color Scheme Ideas ...

Even though I don’t have kids of my own just yet, I still love gathering nursery color scheme ideas for the future. Are you expecting a girl? A boy? Twins? Here to help inspire you are eight fabulous nursery color scheme choices I particularly love, including picks that are perfect for babies of either gender. Check them out for a fun look at what’s trendy!

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Tiffany Blue & Pink

Tiffany Blue & Pink Hoping to design a nursery that’s fit for a princess? Simultaneously chic and classy, a pretty combination of Tiffany blue and pink is the ultimate nursery color scheme for a little girl. The use of white as an accent color helps keep either shade from becoming too overpowering, while the chandelier adds an extra touch of glamour. Don’t you just love it?


Navy Blue & White

Navy Blue & White When you’re expecting a boy and want to create a nursery that looks anything but cliché, forgo the typical baby blue for a much more modern combination of navy and white, as seen here in this nautical-themed room. I especially like the cool preppy stripes and white name-lettering on the wall.


Green & Brown

Green & Brown While variations of blue and pink will always be popular, the green and brown color scheme seen here, along with accents of yellow and white, is a great alternative for either a son or daughter. Along with loving the color scheme, I’m also a huge fan of the word cloud on the wall. Would you consider including a creative detail like this?


Pink & Black

Pink & Black Pink and black is yet another hot color combination for a girl’s nursery, and I think the rosy shade seen here is absolutely perfect, along with the softer touches of grey. The “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” quote is also an incredibly sweet addition, as is the adorable mobile.


Grey & White

Grey & White Grey shades pair well with a multitude of colors, making them a great choice for a baby’s nursery. Grey mixed with white and yellow seems to be popular right now, especially since this scheme works just as well for a girl as it does for a boy. I don’t know about you, but I think the elephant and tree-themed wall art are just too cute.


Charcoal Grey

Charcoal Grey Offering yet another unique twist on the grey trend, this nursery’s charcoal color scheme creates the perfect backdrop for vibrant touches of pink, purple and green. Aren’t the butterflies gorgeous? I love the bright floral painting, too.


White & Silver

White & Silver Help give your child’s nursery a chic yet calm vibe by choosing a sleek white and silver color scheme. Along with the chrome dresser and soft white throw rug, the vintage mirror hanging over the crib adds a beautiful touch.


Pink & Green

Pink & Green You simply can’t go wrong with a Dr. Seuss nursery theme, especially when it includes a pretty combination of green and pink, along with fitting accents like white and yellow. Everything about this room is colorful and fun, from the artwork on the wall to the entirely unique dresser.


Lime Green & Black

Lime Green & Black While you don't necessarily want to go with bright, bright colors in a nursery, there is something to be said about lime green and black -- in moderation. These colors are exploding into the world when it comes to nurseries and you should at least consider it!


Turquoise & Gray

Turquoise & Gray Another bright color that is all over Pinterest is turquoise! When you pair this bright color with a muted color like light or dark gray, the possibilities are endless! Would you consider this pairing?


Lilac & Gray

Lilac & Gray For a little girl, these two colors are amazing together! Whether you consider doing some stripes or you really want to add in lilac into the decor, these two colors together are making a big splash this year!


Yellow & White

Yellow & White While your first thought for a nursery might not be yellow, it is one color that lots of trendy celebs are picking for their nurseries! Pair yellow with white for a great pop of a bright color!


Ivory & Black

Ivory & Black Finally, black and white nursery color schemes are popping up everywhere! The best part about this pairing is the fact that you truly can add in any pops of color though the decor and artwork!

Which of these nursery color scheme ideas do you like best? Would you customize a color scheme to specifically suit a boy or girl, or would you instead choose shades that work just as well for either gender?

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Where can i find the navy blue & white bedding and accessories? Thanks.

I absolutely loved the Green & Brown theme! And that Word Cloud- adorable! ^_^

There all beautiful

Pink and black so beautiful

Where can I find the butterflies in the charcoal gray nursery?

Omg he last one dr.Seuss so getting that for my baby

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