13 Trendy Nursery Color Scheme Ideas ...

Even though I donโ€™t have kids of my own just yet, I still love gathering nursery color scheme ideas for the future. Are you expecting a girl? A boy? Twins? Here to help inspire you are eight fabulous nursery color scheme choices I particularly love, including picks that are perfect for babies of either gender. Check them out for a fun look at whatโ€™s trendy!

1. Tiffany Blue & Pink

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Hoping to design a nursery thatโ€™s fit for a princess? Simultaneously chic and classy, a pretty combination of Tiffany blue and pink is the ultimate nursery color scheme for a little girl. The use of white as an accent color helps keep either shade from becoming too overpowering, while the chandelier adds an extra touch of glamour. Donโ€™t you just love it?

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