7 Creative Kids' Room Ideas ...


7 Creative Kids' Room Ideas ...
7 Creative Kids' Room Ideas ...

Children are stimulated by their environment; boost your child’s imagination by using these kids’ room ideas to boost their creativity. As an adult, our bedrooms tend to be simple and neutral, but children should have a bright and colorful room in which to play and daydream. Some of these kids’ room ideas are simple to replicate while others take a greater amount of room alteration, but they are all crafty designs that will inspire you and your child.

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Lego Wall

Lego Wall As far as kids’ room ideas go, this is one I would have loved to have when I was young! This is an extremely easy design that allows your child’s creativity to run wild! What kid wouldn’t want to be able to build on and alter their wall every day? The only downfall is that it’s a little bit pricey. You can buy the green or blue Lego base plates which measure 10”x10” on shop.lego.com for $4.99 apiece. All you need to do is either hot glue or screw the plates to the wall and you are ready for play time!


Space Saver

Space Saver Is your child outgrowing his or her room? One great way to make some extra space is to raise the bed. It doesn’t hurt that it also makes the room awesome! By using a loft bed, you open up a ton of space which is perfect for a study desk, a book nook or just a play area. Every kid loves the top bunk, with this style bed, they get it every night!


Space Cadet

Space Cadet A lot of boys and girls dream of becoming an astronaut when they’re little, take their fantasies to new heights with this full solar system bedroom! Planets and stars are easy to paint, but if you aren’t up for painting the room, there are tons and tons of outer space themed decals. Make sure those stars glow in the dark so your child can look up at the stars while they’re lying in bed at night!


Float Away

Float Away I know this isn’t technically a photo of a bedroom for a child, but you could easily achieve the same effect with a smaller bed. How cute would your kid’s room be with sky blue walls with painted clouds and a fabric covered dome emerging from the ceiling looking like a hot air balloon? I think a great added touch would be to use craft batting on the ceiling to make big puffy clouds. In all honesty I want this room for myself and may create it once my husband and I own a house.


Fairy Tale Land

Fairy Tale Land Your little girl will feel like a fairy princess in this woodland fairy themed room. The incorporation of forest animals, wood tones and soft colors give the room a dreamy whimsical effect. I love the matching floor and ceiling; it really pulls the woodsy feel together.


Write on the Walls!

Write on the Walls! I know we are supposed to teach kids NOT to draw on the walls, but perhaps an exception can be made for this. Paint a thick band of chalkboard paint around the whole room or cover an entire wall with it! Your kids will have a blast changing the look of their room every day! If the idea of encouraging your kids to draw on the wall doesn’t appeal to you, try magnetic paint and buy magnet sets for the kids to stick on the walls to create different scenes.


Art Gallery

Art Gallery All children love to draw and finger paint, creating magnificent masterpieces for you to hang on the refrigerator. Unfortunately, you quickly run out of space and find yourself stuck with the choice of which lovely piece of artwork you will display and which you will put away for safe keeping. Instead of only displaying a few at a time, why not make your child’s room into their very own art gallery! You can frame each item, use picture frame decals that are easily removable or even leave them as they are and use double sided tape to adhere them to the wall. Your kids will love having all of their pictures on display for family and friends to admire!

However you choose to embellish your child’s room, keep it fun. Their play area should motivate them to learn and to create. Making their room into a place where it is easy to play pretend is a great way to inspire them. What are your favorite ways of decorating a child’s room?

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My sister has that space saver thing, my girlfriend has the fairy tale thing, and I have the art gallery thing... These can SOOOO be used for teens too ;)

Lovely ideas! They make me want to have kids! Lol

I would love this room!

I absolutely HATE the chalkboard wall idea. That chalk dust will fall on the floor...little chalky footprints everywhere? No thanks!

@Dee Dee exactly i loved it too. I'm so gonna do a room like this for my future daughter :)

I still want a loft bed but my parents just got me a new bed last year

@Skye urm, go buy one...

Awesome idea!

Oh my gosh the fairy tale one is ADORABLE.

Wow....Lego wall is cool!

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