7 Creative Kids' Room Ideas ...

Children are stimulated by their environment; boost your child’s imagination by using these kids’ room ideas to boost their creativity. As an adult, our bedrooms tend to be simple and neutral, but children should have a bright and colorful room in which to play and daydream. Some of these kids’ room ideas are simple to replicate while others take a greater amount of room alteration, but they are all crafty designs that will inspire you and your child.

1. Lego Wall

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As far as kids’ room ideas go, this is one I would have loved to have when I was young! This is an extremely easy design that allows your child’s creativity to run wild! What kid wouldn’t want to be able to build on and alter their wall every day? The only downfall is that it’s a little bit pricey. You can buy the green or blue Lego base plates which measure 10”x10” on shop.lego.com for $4.99 apiece. All you need to do is either hot glue or screw the plates to the wall and you are ready for play time!

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