How to Get Creative with Your Family This Christmas ...


How to Get Creative with Your Family This Christmas ...
How to Get Creative with Your Family This Christmas ...

Christmas is the perfect time of year to get creative and have some fun with your family. Kids and adults of all ages can have fun with these ideas and they all give you a great opportunity to create some new memories together. These ideas can also be adapted to crowds that are large or small so don’t be afraid to get the whole clan together for some fun. One of these ideas is sure to become a new family tradition.

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Make Your Holiday Cards This Year

Instead of attaching store bought gift tags to your gifts, make them yourself. Use any art supplies you have on hand and get creative. Glitter, sequins, ribbon, crayons and colored paper are all really great choices. This lets you tailor each tag to the person who is getting the gift, making the holidays a bit more personal and fun.


Have a Cultural Christmas Celebration

This is a cool way to try some new things and teach your family about other traditions. Choose a culture that celebrates Christmas differently than you do and incorporate some of their holiday traditions into your celebrations. Perhaps you could research your ancestry and choose a culture or ethnicity that is part of your heritage. Which culture would you choose?


Make up Some Carols of Your Own

Are you a musical family? Even if you’re not, you can totally come up with some great Christmas carols of your very own. Maybe you just change the words and leave the music or maybe you start from scratch. Either way, your family will love having their own carols to sing each year from here on out.


Make Homemade Ornaments for the Tree

If you have fabric scraps, hot glue, buttons or other sewing supplies lying around, you have the makings for some pretty great homemade ornaments. Make a wreath out of buttons or a little bird from leftover felt. Whatever your creativity comes up with, you are sure to love having meaningful ornaments that you made as a family hanging from your tree in all the years to come.


Start a Holiday Scrapbook

The great thing about a holiday scrapbook is that you can add to it each year. Getting it out when the holidays come around is a fun way to relive your past events. Work together as a family to choose some photos to include then create scrapbook pages together before adding them to your book. Fun!


Have a Homemade Christmas

Instead of buying each other gifts this year, have a homemade Christmas where you exchange things you made yourself. You can help your kids make something to give to their grandparents, cousins and siblings. Then let them help you make something for the people on your gift list this year. Homemade gifts have lots of meaning so everyone is going to love this idea.


Do a Craft Advent Calendar

Instead of putting candy in your Advent calendar, fill it with craft ideas. Write one craft idea on 24 slips of paper. Pull one out each day. Things like cotton ball snowmen, felt stockings and footprint reindeer are all fun for younger kids. You can get more elaborate with ideas for adults and older kids.

What’s your favorite way to get creative at Christmas? Do you plan to try any of these ideas this year?

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