15 Unusual Popular Baby Names That You'll Love ...


15 Unusual Popular Baby Names That You'll Love ...
15 Unusual Popular Baby Names That You'll Love ...

Do you look through the popular baby names when deciding what to call your (future?) children? It’s not uncommon for parents to be divided into two camps when it comes to baby naming – those who want something traditional and well used, and those who want something unique and uncommon. Whichever camp you belong too, you’ll be surprised to see how well-loved these popular baby names have got…

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Yep, Major is now one of the top 500 names. Over the past year, this pretty unusual name has risen over 505 places to rest firmly in 483rd, and the rush isn’t looking too slow down any time soon. Get ready for a lot of Majors in a school near you – it’s one of the most popular baby names there is!



If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll recognize this one! It seems the feisty Stark daughter has a growing army of fans, and a whole host of little ones who’ll share her name. Arya rose 289 places over the past year, and is now one of the most popular “unique” baby names for girls.



While Jase is normally used as a nickname for Jason, it’s growing in popularity as a stand-alone name. It jumped 258 spots last year, and is now sitting pretty at 304. Why? This one isn’t quite as clear, although Teen Mom could have a lot to do with it…



I love this one! Perla is such a pretty name, and it definitely has a new fan base. It’s risen 191 places from last year, and is now the 452nd most popular baby name in the US.



Messiah, which means the “anointed one,” is another unusual name hitting the charts. While it’s been steadily rated around the 600th most popular name for the past few years, it’s now risen to 387th, and there are sure to be more registrations.



Another one for parents inspired by books and movies – Gael was a popular character in The Hunger Games, which has probably boosted its jump to 146th. Wow!



The Greek version of Catherine, this name has always been popular in Europe. It’s ideal for parents wanting something a little unusual without varying too much from the classics. It’s growing in popularity in the US, too, making it into the top 500 for the first time.



Solange always gets a boost in the Summer months, meaning “angel of the sun,” but it seems to be gaining popularity a lot quicker than normal this year. Why? Well, Beyonce’s kid sister is called Solange, and she’s set to a big name to watch this Summer.



Yep, Sephora is set to be more than just a beauty retailer. More and more parents are using the brand name as a first name for their little ones, and it does have a pretty ring to it. If you are tempted, try playing it down by adding a traditional name to the end – “Sephora Lily” and “Sephora Ann” are both popular variants.



Okay, so Amazon is quite far from the top 1000 baby names, but it’s one that’s definitely been moving up the charts. This year, it seems parents are looking to their favorite brands to provide great names, and Amazon, Mac, Kix, Nokia and Nivea have all featured. Crazy, or a good idea?!



Now, this is actually a staple name for the Jolie-Pitt family and it's a cute name ... but I always think of Fort Knox. Do you think you'd ever name your kid this particular name? I'm thinking ... no!



Do you even know how to pronounce this particular name? It is a brand new name that is topping the charts and here's the kicker -- it's a girls name. Could you imagine?



Yes, this is exactly like a ransom note. Ransom is a super popular 'dangerous' baby name nowadays and it is popping up all over! The nickname Ran somehow creeps me out though, would you name your kid this?



This reminds me of a sales person constantly 'booking', why would you name your kid this? His or her nickname would be Book -- and while that might seem cool, think of their future!



Finally, since Rebel Wilson came into the picture, this girl's name has exploded all over the place! Rebel is a very British name and truthfully, it's a beautiful name for a girl or a guy!

There’s certainly some unusual popular baby names around at the moment – and I’m certainly expecting to see more GoT and Hunger Games names hitting the charts, too. Have you heard an unusual baby name recently? I’d love to hear it!

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I just love the name Aspen, caught my eye straight away!.. also love the name Rihan, what do u guys think?

Interesting :)

way off topic, but the baby in the picture looks a lot like my niece! haha

Omg! I can\'t! Horrible names!! Solange, Amazon! Really?!?! To each his own but I prefer the classics.

Find it ridiculous that these sort of 'unusual baby name' posts seem to cheer stupid, made up names, yet an ancient classic name like Persephone 'it's a girls name- could you believe it???' Some people are thick. It is pronounced Per-seff-on-ee, not Percy phone, and I think it's elegant and shouldn't be tarnished with the same brush as 'Amazon' and 'major'

Persephone (assphone) and Ori (male horse, player male) would defenitely not work in Finland

Catherine... Catalina... Cata... Cat... Hmmm

I named my boy Forest and my daughter Faith.

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