8 Super Fun Gender Reveal Party Ideas You'll Love ...

Gender reveal party ideas are everywhere these days, and I for one can’t wait to put them to good use when I become a mom sometime in the future. Are you looking for creative ways to announce whether you’re expecting a boy, girl or even both? Here are eight fun gender reveal party ideas you’re sure to love.

1. M&M Cake

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What better way to reveal the gender of your baby than by serving a vanilla cake filled with colorful M&Ms in either pink or blue? Those expecting a set of twins in both genders can even fill the cake with both pink and blue M&Ms, then watch as guests’ eyes fill with surprise. Layering the inside of a white cake with either pink or blue frosting is yet another one of today’s most popular gender reveal party ideas, but I think the M&Ms are a lot more fun. Do you agree?

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