25 Cute Uncommon Baby Names ...

From the moment we dream about being new parents we think about how unique we want our children to be, and what better way to start them out on their unique path than with a cute uncommon baby name. We want our kids to stand out from the rest and have a name that no one else has. Perhaps one of these cute uncommon baby names will be the unique start of your child's life...

1. Hopper

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You may have heard this name before from the bad guy of Speed, actor Dennis Hopper, but it's rare that we hear it as a first name. In 1993, Sean Penn and Robin Wright named their son Hopper Jack after Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson, but it seems that the trend of this cute uncommon baby name hasn't caught on yet. In the English and Scottish origin it has an occupational meaning of "acrobat," and in Dutch it means "hop grower or seller." What do you think of this baby name; is it cool and will we hear it more?

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