9. How Will They Be Schooled?

What kinds of schools do you want your kids to go to? Public? You might have to move to get into a decent school district. Private? If you're considering sending them to private school, that goes into the financial issues. Homeschool? I personally don't like that option because I wouldn't want my child to suffer because I'd be a crappy teacher. Online school?

I don't know much about the last two options, but my point is that your kids are eventually going to need an education and it helps to have a basic idea of what you want that to be.

I'm sure you can think of a million more things to think about before having kids I haven't mentioned. What have I missed? What is the best advice you got? Was there anything that was particularly stressful and, if so, how did you handle it? Do you have any advice for everyone? Discuss!

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