3. All of a Sudden You Are so Old...and Lame

First of all, I am not old or lame (denial, first sign). As much as the crew hates to admit it, I feel like I am a pretty cool mom. I know the dances, I’m always ready to go head to head when we are talking junk in the car and I speak the lingo. So TBH, I have no idea why every time I start to dance, my son grabs me by the shoulders and shakes his head with a look of pity in his eyes, or when I say stuff like β€œdon’t hate cuz' yo mama stay fly.” my daughter is like, β€œNo, Ma, don’t do that. Don’t try to talk like you young.”

There was a time when everything I did as a parent was freaking awesome to them. Now they shake their heads and walk slowly away like my brother and I used to do to our mom. Not cool at all!

Solution: Keep right on doing it! I dance in front of my kids' friends, crack corny jokes and can actually be incredibly childish if I put my mind to it, at least that’s what my daughter says. But what these teens don’t realize is that we are making memories that we can all look back on and smile. 20 years from now they are going to appreciate me saying that they smell like they need to get better acquainted with the soap because it misses them or that I’m afraid to go in their rooms because last time something tried to drag me under the bed. HA!

They Eat Everything
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