2. Their Lives Are Soooooo Dramatic

Having both high school and junior high teens can be quite interesting. I have listened to stories of hair pulling fights, verbal confusion and teacher conflicts. I get a daily dose of "Days of Our High School Lives" and it is absolutely amazing the things they go through and often put themselves through on a day to day basis. I mostly just listen, but occasionally I find myself having to provide advice and tidbits of wisdom. For instance, my youngest will come in and say something along the lines of...”Ma, there was a fight at my school today and some girl got dragged! You should have seen it, everybody was out there! The teachers tried to break it up but couldn’t get close enough because so many kids were around and they were blocking the teachers from getting to the fight. It was CRAZY! ! I was like, oh man, he beat the mess out that girl.

Well, she shouldn’t have slapped him in the face, that’s what she gets.” At which point she will start to walk off, leaving me with the huh-face.

There was so much wrong with that story that I don’t even know where to begin. β€œOk, so wait a minute. The girl was fighting a boy? And the teachers couldn’t break it up? So what happened to the boy? And why did she slap him? Where were you while all this was going on? What is wrong with yall? You better not have been involved!” And that is a good day at Hormone High and Hormone Jr. High.

Solution: I want my crew to continue to communicate, so I encourage it. I try not to be overly judgmental about the things they tell me and I give advice from a point of view I feel like they can relate to. I encourage them to be leaders and not followers, which often means making decisions that are not always popular. And when one of them comes to me and says, β€œMa, I told my friend what you said and we went and talked to the principal or guidance counselor or teacher” I get to feel like some of what I say is actually sinking in.

All of a Sudden You Are so Old...and Lame
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