7. They Will Grow up to Be Men

In the same manner that little girls will grow up as full-blown women, boys can grow up to be men too (with guidance from family and influence from society). This is where conversations such as "boys can get you pregnant" come into play. Research about how to tackle sensitive topics with your daughters and practice how to say these things to them.

Without you knowing it, the "day of reckoning" will come and you will be left without a clue as to what you would tell your daughters. So be a Girl Scout, be prepared!

It's wrong to teach your daughters that boys are "gross" and "eww"; we don't want them to grow up having negative preconceived notions about boys. Instead, what mothers can do is to teach the general facts from the get go and then proceed to the more detailed explanation as the girls grow up.

Have you started talking about boy-related issues with your girls? How is that going?

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