2. Be Responsible

The circumstance at which your kids come should not determine the attention given to them. Your age is also not enough reason not be involved in your child’s training. You’re already a parent when the baby was formed by your sexual indulgence. It may form a little setback or be a little bit strange for the younger parents, but I always encourage that they get involved.

The child cannot have another direct parent than you and no one can provide the love that satisfies the longing of a child’s heart than the parents. It is a natural connectivity. Be responsible for what your kids do and become and that is the reason to make some stern decisions and resolutions early on how you want them to grow.

It is possible for the single parents that as the child grows, he/she may be separated from you, to stay with guardians or grannies, but ensure that you become the best parent you can become.

Set Boundaries, Create Liberty
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