6. Sleep Positioners

Another new development in infant sleep safety is the warning against using sleep posistioners to keep your baby in the position you laid them in. Now, in my personal experience, infants don't really squirm and move that much in the first few months of life, so I find it hard to believe that, when properly placed, a sleep positioner could suffocate a baby. I used them with my son, as did my mother with all seven of her kids.

Now, of course, this doesn't include a mother who doesn't pay attention and places the positioner on either side of baby's face. The proper placement of your baby's sleep positioner should be as follows: Most sleep positioners are adjustable, so adjust yours to fit snugly around your baby. Place your baby in between the two positioners where his chest is above the top of the sleep positioner and the belly area is in between the two parts of the positioner. Baby should not be further down on the positioner than that. Then, as usual, simply check on your baby frequently - it's as simple as that.

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