3. Kids Realizing You Lied

Not only are kids depressed about learning about Santa Claus but also from realizing that their own parents lied to them. Parents play an important role as a medium for kids into how the world works and what is the truth. You might lose your child’s trust in you over something as minuscule as Santa.

Deciding whether to teach your kids about Santa Claus is entirely up to you. If you are unsure what to do, there is one idea you can try.

Instead of teaching about Santa Claus, teach them the true history of Santa Claus, which is the story of St. Nicholas.

He was a Greek bishop in the area that is now present-day Turkey during the 4th century. He was known to give gifts in secret to those in need. One story involved him dropping bags of gold down a chimney. Sounds familiar? By teaching this story, you can still incorporate Santa Claus into Christmas for your kid as they will have a new perspective on him, one with respect rather than blind praise. With all that said, good luck in dealing with Santa Claus.

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