7. Population Control

Another of the reasons for abortion is population control. It might be government policy to regulate population size or to control ethnic, religious and cultural groups within a population. It might also be used as a way of improving the physical and mental demographics of a population.

Abortion is an incredibly complex and emotive moral issue, and even those who faithfully believe they would never opt for a termination may one day find themselves facing this most difficult of questions and being presented with the options; who can say how we would all react?

Unwanted children can have miserable lives, whilst a mum who dies because having the child caused the anticipated problems to manifest themselves leaves behind a grieving father and a motherless infant. This is one of those ethical issues that no-one will ever agree on and the reasons for abortion are treated differently from country to country, culture to culture and religion to religion. For all these reasons for abortion Iโ€™ve listed here, you will find someone to argue the case for both sides. Nothing will ever change this because even if science intervenes thereโ€™s no perfect response to the questions of life and death. Unfortunately, man was given a mind to make choices, unlike the animal kingdom that exists on natural selection and survival of the fittest. Would you like to discuss this difficult subject?

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