3. You’re Such a Hard Worker

Being pretty, smart, creative, funny, etc. are all lovely traits. They are also totally out of our personal control. What is within our control, however, is how hard we work on things. Work ethic is essential, and none of our God-given gifts will benefit us much without hard work. I choose to praise my daughters on the amount of work they put into something, rather than commenting on their natural beauty, brains, and talents (which they have plenty of).

Got a 106% on a spelling test? You worked really hard studying those words. Your art project is beautiful – I can see you put a lot of hard work into it

. This places a measurable guideline of work-to-success on their achievements, and, as far as I can tell, gives them a sense of accomplishment and responsibility. It also makes failures less painful. You didn’t fail your math test because you’re not smart, you failed it because you didn’t put enough work into studying and preparing. If you talk to the prettiest, smartest, most creative, and funniest people in our society, they’ll all tell you that their success is due to the hard work they put into something, rather than their natural gifts. My hope is to instill in my children the knowledge that success is measured by the quality and quantity of effort you put into something, not simply resting on your laurels.

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