2. Give Your Child Your Hands

That's right I said your hands, it is as simple as that. The best gift my father ever gave me, and my siblings were his hands. Let me explain. My father went to work every day using his hands. His job required the use of his hands and his hands provided a paycheck for our family. My father hugged with his hands and held me when I was hurt with his hands.

A parent's hands have the ability to set a proper foundation for their child because they can provide your child with love and protection.

Use your hands to pick up your child, to hug your child, to provide for your child, to hold your child's hand, to cook for your child and to protect your child. There are many uses for your hands. The most important use of your hands is to use them to provide. No matter what your hands can do, they always give you the tools you need to give your child the things he or she may need.

Don't Ever Quit
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