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7 Great Gifts for Soon-to-be Grads ...

By Sabrina

Alright moms, are you struggling to think of the perfect gift for your soon-to-be grad? Well look no further, here are a few gifts that any senior in high school would love before embarking on the next chapter of his or her life. These are a few gifts for soon-to-be grads that you can be certain your daughter or son will appreciate.

1 Money

Okay, let's get the obvious, boring gift out of the way first. No one really likes giving money as a gift, but everyone likes receiving it, especially soon-to-be grads who know that the future holds lots of ramen-only diets. At this point in their lives, students will take whatever money they get. If it means working less in college but spending more money, they want it!

2 Gift Cards

The second best gift to receive and second worst to give is probably gift cards. But what teenager doesn't appreciate a Starbucks or H&M gift card? In college when money is tight, they won't always have the luxury of shopping and enjoying the familiar comforts. Make sure to shower your son or daughter in useful gift cards this holiday season—especially ones to coffee shops.

3 Laptop

If you're willing to spend a little extra money on your soon-to-be grad this year, the ideal gift is a laptop. We are living in the age of technology, which means many students' classes will be taken online, assignments due on websites, and more. However, it can get pretty annoying for your son or daughter having to run to the library every time he or she needs to do an assignment. Do you them a huge favor by buying them their own laptop this holiday season. That means they can do homework from the comfort of their own dorm! It also means they'll be expecting a Netflix subscription sometime soon...

4 Bike

Like a laptop, a bike is a must-have for most college students. Having a bike on campus means less walking and being able to wake up later. Students on campuses all over the world ride bikes to get from class to dorm to library to class. Plus, it's a gift that can last for years! It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

5 Decorations

No student wants to live in a dorm that's as plain as a prison cell. They want to make it their own, but sometimes can't afford to do that. To help your son or daughter bring a piece of you and their personality to wherever they live next, buy them decorations for their dorm.

6 Organizers

Another must-have in many college dorms are organizers. You've seen college dorms before, and you know they get pretty messy. But with the help of organizers and storage units, you can prevent your daughter or son from living in a complete pigsty. This is somewhat of a luxury or unnecessary convenience more than a need, so your child won't be willing to spend money on it. Basically, it's up to you to make sure they get the right organizational tools!

7 Makeup

If your daughter can't live without makeup, a great favor to do her before she leaves for college is filling her stocking with all the beauty essentials. Makeup is expensive, as you very well know, and your daughter might be at a loss of what to do without it. So help her out, at least the first year around, and provide her with the basics like mascara, eyeliner, blush, and lipgloss.

See, shopping for a 17-year-old kid isn't as hard as you once thought! There are a few things every soon-to-be-grad would really appreciate getting as a kickstart on their college years. What other gifts do you think your son or daughter would like?

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