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7 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child to Read ...

By Lane

Preparing your child for school begins at an early age, which is why it's urgent to learn about fun ways to teach your child to read. With the constantly-changing challenges your children will face in school, you shouldn't wait until kindergarten for your child to learn this essential skill. For this reason, I'm sharing with you some great options to achieve this goal. Let's prepare those little angels for great things in the future by learning seven fun ways to teach your child to read.

Table of contents:

  1. Flash cards
  2. Road signs
  3. Children's shows
  4. Computer-based learning
  5. Menus
  6. Comic books
  7. Read with them

1 Flash Cards

Back in the day, flash cards were the basics when it came to ways to teach your child to read. I remember playing school at the age of 12 with my nieces, Christie and Amanda. Amazingly, I discovered this simple word recognition game became a highly effective way for them to learn to read.

2 Road Signs

The road sign game is a lot of fun with your little ones. Granted, some names are difficult for little ones to pronounce in the beginning; however, it's an effective way to learn name recognition. I'd suggest correcting your GPS when she mispronounces these names. As I learned on a trip to Oklahoma last year to see my son, both Garmin and TomTom face difficulties in saying the name “Geronimo” correctly.

3 Children's Shows

Children's shows, such as Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, and more, offer some reading and word recognition skills. You can decide on your own which is the best option for your child, as some children's TV shows are purely for entertainment purposes only.

4 Computer-based Learning

Products like LeapFrog and Jumpstart offer computer-based learning, including reading skills. You can also download inexpensive and sometimes free apps for your iPad to help your child acquire these skills. Among them are Elmo Loves ABCs. Be careful, however, when you download “free” games and apps, as some may have hidden viruses. Always run your anti-virus software when you are making final selections.

5 Menus

When dining out, you can utilize the menus to help your little one learn new words. In some restaurants you can also work on their foreign language skills. With menus, you can also begin the quest to keep them interested in a healthy diet. Menus today, especially in fast-food restaurants, are required to show the calories for each option.

6 Comic Books

For children who love super-heroes, you can use comic books to help them learn to read. They are colorful, entertaining, and hey, they showcase characters like Batman, Spider-Man, and more. I have always loved comic-book heroes. My children share in that love and admiration for them.

7 Read with Them

Reading at least one story to your children before bedtime is a wonderful idea to help you encourage them to read. Books are an escape to a new world for you and your child. They inspire the imagination, and once you have them hooked on imagination, you have a great ally. Your children will want to learn more, just so they can discover what the characters do next.

Children are the future of the world and with this notion, schools strive for perfection. This could present difficulties for any child who is not ready ahead of time. This is why it is so important for you to help them with these skills early. What are some concepts you used to teach your children to read?

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