2. I Hope She Doesn't Criticize or Patronize the Work I've Done

Some men are able to move beyond the first point, or it may take some time for your man to adjust but when they do, they begin to look at what they do at home as their work. You'll start coming home to a clean house, an empty sink, and a meal on the table. Men like to be productive and this is a natural way for them to do so in the stay at home role.

Compliment a well-done meal, but avoid calling out how the dishwasher isn't how you would have loaded it, or that the bathroom isn't quite arranged the way you like.

It sounds counterintuitive, but when the roles are reversed the most common complaint is that the husband doesn't come home and remark on those things. It's one of the ways that men are still different from women. Once they accept their role, they see those things as a common expectation of that role and thus praise is unnecessary and oftentimes patronizing. A clean house is a clean house, there is no variance. He did his job. When it comes to dinner though, something edible is his job, something amazing is worthy of small praise.

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