7. Home Flavors Milkshakes

Home Flavors Milkshakes

Photo Credit: Sarah

Here is a way to serve your family in their own preferences all at the same time. Get you a great big container of vanilla ice cream and several syrups and flavoring that your family likes, such as strawberry, or you can even add crazy foods for a different taste.

My son loves it when I add blueberry poptarts to his, and trust me, it is good. For Mom and Dad, you can make great coffee or espresso milkshakes for much less money than the ones you purchase at places like Sonic, and they're just as good!

May your backyard be blessed with lots of cold and tasty treats this summer and the fun times be abundant! Do you have any other recipes for cool summer treats for a family to enjoy? Please share!

Top Photo Credit: sunshine

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