7. More in Your Piggy Bank

Again, you have to put selfishness out of the equation here, because we all know being able to finance a bigger family is a legitimate concern. It’s okay to be comfortable saying we can have one child and live well. Don’t think if you have more children you’ll "make it work" because if you don’t know how to make it work, that’s only going to lead being stretched thin financially.

Those financial issues can lead to many more problems. Don’t feel bad choosing to be parents to an only child. It can be a smart move for you financially.

I think Ms. Sandler lets us know that it’s okay to have an only child and in some cases can be a very smart move. Ignore those old stereotypes out there about only children, and know that your only child will have no more issues with selfishness or loneliness than any other child.

Source: mom.me

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